How I Made The CVS Robocalls Stop – For Now

Image courtesy of (zipsonic)

Vivi gets her prescriptions at CVS, and this meant that she recently began getting robocalls from CVS. You can’t blame her for thinking that an announcement telling her that the chain had “important information” for her meant that the phone call contained important information. Not advertising. The store’s robots were calling her up with ads, though, not recall information or anything else urent actually concerning her prescription.

A week after picking up one prescription from my local CVS, I began to get robo calls. The calls say something like “You recently picked up a prescription from [Name of local CVS]. For important information on your prescription, please press 1.” Of course, the first time I got a call I pressed 1, thinking that it might be a recall, or who knows what, but instead got an advertisement.

The phone number quickly became familiar — I received calls every 2-4 days. I did not opt-in to any sort of calls from CVS and it irritated me enough to go back to the store where I picked up the prescription.

I learned from the pharmacist what you need to do is call 1-800-SHOP-CVS, then say “more options”, then say “calls,” which will eventually lead you to a representative who can then opt you out of the calls. The person I talked to was very apologetic (but I am still irritated) and promised the calls will stop in 24-48 hours.

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