Best Of Comments: Confusion, Chaos, Comcast

dangermike: I can’t be the only here who uses [surveys given by retailers] to spread just a enough chaos and misinformation to feel good about myself when I lay down my head at night.

Most recent example, one of my favorite online shooting supply stores offers entry into a daily drawing for a $25 gift certificate for filling out their survey. But the survey is through a third party that seems rather clueless in their application of pre-written questions. Like for instance, they ask what sort of items you’ve ordered and have about 20 check boxes of categories, the closest of which might be sporting goods.

So naturally, my order of a bulk quantity of bore solvent and patches went under beauty/hygiene. Because I know the smell of Hoppe’s #9 on a man is absolutely irresistible to the fairer sex.

And in the open comments, I might ask if their CEO (who has a prolific amateur gunsmithing how-to channel on the U-tubes) would like to be my honorary grandfather, since both of mine passed away when I was too young to really benefit from having known them.

I still haven’t won any certificates, though.

Keep your eye on what’s really important, dangermike.

When some commenters said that the Comcast employee/Redditor whose job is draining his soul should quit, others countered that it’s not that simple, even when there isn’t a recession.

Anubis: I’ve never understood this attitude. Yeah, he could quit to work somewhere else, but he’d probably be making less money with the same problems. I work retail where I’m treated poorly and have no chance to move up. Employees are given contradictory orders like take care of the customer, but do everything you can to make the customer pay out the nose while receiving as little as possible in return. It is soul crushing in many ways.

I plan to go back to school and eventually quit, but not everybody has that option. If I just quit, I’d have the same problems regardless of where I tried to work. Based on what people report here and what my friends say, most companies now are doing everything they can to add responsibility to jobs, fire people, and damage morale all in the name of cutting costs. If every place is the same, how is quitting going to help?

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