8 Appointments With Sears Repair, Stove Still Isn't Working

TJ is fortunate that she and her husband work from home. If they worked regular clock-punching jobs, they would have needed to take eight days off for their ongoing Sears repair fiasco involving their stove. Their home warranty company requires them to use Sears Repair, but at this point maybe they’d be better off going with another repair shop and paying out of pocket. Actually, at this point they might be better off tossing their stove out a window and pretending it had never existed.

She writes:

I’ve read countless problems with Sears and their repair department, so I shouldn’t really be surprised that it happened to me. More than just venting, I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to solve this problem.

In my house there is a standard oven/gas stove range as well as a 5 burner induction cooktop. Our induction was bought used, and worked for a while, but a few months ago it stopped responding. We delayed fixing it for various reasons, but since we had another stove, it wasn’t a huge problem.

Around June 30 our oven’s thermostat broke. It wouldn’t shut off so we had to turn off the gas. Now all we had to cook with was an emergency hot plate. We have American Home Shield, so we called them up to fix both our stove and induction cooktop. We thought it would be simple, but unfortunately, they only work with Sears.

I’ve made a rough timeline of events (the dates are close, but aren’t exact, since I never thought I’d need to record this at the time).

7/10 We called AHS to open a ticket for Oven and Induction Cooktop. They said they would call us back to make an appointment.

7/11 Although we gave them our address and phone #, a robo call (appointment 1) was made to my mother-in-law’s house (another person on the account), who is several states away, for an appointment on 7/12. Further, the appointment was made for an oven and a range hood. As soon as we found out, we called to reschedule and made it clear that it was not a range hood, but induction cooktop. They also confirmed that both could be done on same day.

7/18 Our rescheduled day (2). The technician never showed. When we called they said their computers were down, so we had to reschedule. The rep confirmed our appointment as an oven and range hood, and we again corrected her.

7/20 Our rescheduled day (3). The technician never showed. We had to reschedule. The rep confirmed our appointment as an oven and range hood, and we again corrected her.

7/27 Our rescheduled day (4). Repairman arrives at 5pm, and he only has a work order for oven and a range hood. He fixes the oven, but cannot touch the induction. He is willing to do it, if he gets a work order. We call AHS, who says it’s ok, but we must call Sears. Sears of course can’t manage to get a work order for an induction despite us correcting them several times. So once again, we must reschedule.

8/8 Our new appt for induction (5). The technician actually arrives at 8am. He looks drunk, and like he really doesn’t want to be here. He immediately manages to break the plug off of the wall while examining the induction. After 2 minutes and a brief phone call, he says it was installed wrong. He claims it needs 240 volts to run, and we have 208. We told him that it worked before and the sticker clearly states 208. He obviously doesn’t want to bother and says “I don’t go by that.” He gives us an awkward smile and leaves. Thinking maybe we are crazy, we do research over the next few weeks, and find out that almost every induction top runs on 208. We even test on 240 and it still doesn’t work. So we reschedule.

8/28 Our rescheduled day (6). New tech assesses a problem with the computer and orders new parts.

9/5 The new parts arrive so we have to reschedule an installation.

9/13 Our rescheduled day (7). Sears picked this day for us and now “no technicians are available.” They rescheduled us for the following day.

9/14 Our rescheduled day (8). Robocall at 7:50am that we were first appt of the day. 12:30, no one shows up. Upon calling them, they say “they will come between 9-11am.” Manager claims tech tried to call at 10:30am (they did not) She does not understand why we are “disrespecting” her. Eventually she said she will pass the call onto “review.” We were supposed to hear back in 2 hours, but we’re still waiting.

I am amazed that we’ve had 8 appointments by now. Luckily, my husband and I work from home, but I can’t even imagine if we had to take off of work that many times. Everytime we complain to them, they act like we are out of line in getting angry. The reps snap at us, tell us to not disrespect them, and have even hung up on us.I’m not sure if Sears only hires people who’d rather sit in their car all day and do drugs than actually work. This has turned into a game of Chicken, and they desperately hope we will give up. At this rate, I’m sure we will be trying to get this fixed through 2013 or until they’ve gone completely bankrupt.

If Sears were a regular retail operation, they really should have gone out of business long ago. They’re not, though. They’re either a real estate holdings company that runs retail operations in its buildings to kill time until the market improves, or an advanced anti-capitalist prank.


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  1. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    She does not understand why we are “disrespecting” her.

    I’m so sick of this. There is an entire subculture of people who believe that if you disagree with them, you are somehow eroding their personal cache of “respect”. After the “disrespecting” card has been thrown, nothing you do will give you the upper hand again even if you have been correct the entire time. You are a disrespecter, and as such you are always wrong, and the lowest of the low.

    And if you think the “disrespecting” card is bad, just wait until it gets turned over to the other side.

  2. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    The problem here is that they haven’t learned Sears’ tricky internal lingo. If they had simply told Sears that a pair of shoes belonging to Huey Long did not want a repairman to visit the Kremlin at 2:00 AM on July 2, 1754 to damage and encase in amber a member of ABBA, then their stove would have been fixed promptly.

    • Charles Edward Winthrop III, Esquire, Investigator of the Unknown Music says:

      I love you so much for this one statement!

    • NotEd says:

      I agree with the esteemed Master Winthrop and wish to nominate you for whatever might be better than +1.
      Perhaps +1.1?

  3. jsodano says:

    I feel the OPs pain. I have American Home Shield, and Sears has been out to repair my dryer 5 times over 4 months. It is a Kenmore unit and a dryer only has so many parts to replace. Note that your contract with AHS includes a provision to replace a covered item if it cannot be repaired. And a well-placed complaint to Sears will get their home services team moving. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse, AHS and their shaky support network – or Sears and, well, their entire existence past the 1970’s.

  4. Abradax says:

    Something else might be going on.

    Almost no CS rep I have ever worked with or spoken to goes to the “you are disrespecting me” and call termination for a simple misunderstanding.

    It usually involves vulgar language, or extreme temper issues ranging on abusive.

    Yeah it sucks that the company they contracted is Sears, but if you have had multiple issues with CSRs and their managers stating that you are disrespecting them, perhaps you might need to calm down before you call them?

  5. Jevia says:

    There was a class action lawsuit involving AHS just a short time ago, basically not performing repairs and replacement as required under the contract.

  6. SearsCares says:

    Good afternoon TJ,

    I saw your post today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Mike and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I am very sorry to see that your cooktop is not working at this time. We realize how imperative it is for your cooktop to be repaired as soon as possible, as your cooking options are greatly limited without the use of one. Furthermore, given your experience with our service department to date, we can certainly understand your aggravation with this situation. It is our goal for every service interaction to be both positive and memorable for our customers, and we do apologize for falling short of that mark in this instance. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience as a whole, monitor the repair process going forward, and ensure that your cooktop is restored to its proper working order. At your convenience, please send us an e-mail containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number that your appointment was scheduled under, to SMAdvisor@searshc.com. Also, please include your screen name, (TJ), for reference to your issue. Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Thank you,

    Mike D.
    Sears Social Media Support

    • MMD says:

      Why does it take a total fiasco like this to get your company’s attention?

    • Bunnies Attack! says:

      Ooh form letter fun! Replace “cooktop” (3 occurances) with “penis pump” and “cooking” (1 occurance) with “sexing”

    • Rachacha says:

      Dear Sears Cares,

      TJ’s experience is NOT Unique. This incompetence happens ALL the time. I had a sears technician tell me my dishwasher was leaking because my upper and lower dish racks were slightly rusted. When I pointed out where the enclosure was warped (hence the reason for the leak), they insisted on replacing every part they could EXCEPT the part that would have fixed it, even parts that I had already replaced (the inside front door and door gasket). In the end, the technician got the dishwasher to stop leaking with a roll of duct tape. Fortunately I was still under manufacturers warranty so I was able to get a new dishwasher (after 7 visits and a year of hassle). Your repair team is broken and it needs to be fixed.

    • PercussionQueen7 says:

      Mike D,

      I know you’re just doing a job to pay your bills, but if Sears really cared, they would have dealt with it the first time, NOT after 8 attempts (or 5, for the other issue below).

      My family has purchased appliances from Sears for two generations. We have a dishwasher that has been attempted to be fixed not one, but four times now, and the problem still persists. It’s time for you to replace it, based on your “three repairs and it’s a lemon” clause – same as the other posters.

      Are you able to help me out too? Or do I need to email my story to consumerist and generate even more bad press about your horrible repair processes?

  7. SearsCares says:

    jsodano, I came across your post today and wanted to address this matter. My name is Mike and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I am sorry to see that your dryer has only been working intermittently over the last four months. It is frustrating enough when your dryer fails, much less to have this many service calls in such a short amount of time. We would like to speak with you to further discuss your situation and ensure that your dryer is running as it should. Please send us an e-mail containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number that your dryer was purchased under, to SMAdvisor@searshc.com. Also, please include your screen name, (jsodano), in this e-mail for reference to your issue. We look forward to speaking with you. Mike D., Sears Social Media Support.

  8. oldwiz65 says:

    Buy from a local shop that does servicing as well. We’ve been doing that for years. You may pay a little more in upfront cost, but they do take care of their customers.

  9. NorthAlabama says:

    at least sears has figured out social media, and made an effort. that’s more than wal-mart would ever do…