Comment Of The Day: These Prices Are Bananas

Today’s Comment of the Day requires familiarity with the Target is Crazy meme. This site has argued for years that Target’s random pricing schemes signify that the store has had a break with reality and doesn’t understand the concept of numbers.

George4478: If it’s a Target, it’s 1 banana for $.24 or 3 bananas for $2.00.

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  1. AdAstra says:

    What’s surprising is actually seeing people buy bananas for .24 cents apiece.

    • Torgonius wants an edit button says:

      There’s a Verizon office in the Target

    • Emperor Norton I says:

      Why is it surprising?
      24¢ works out to 59¢-69¢ per pound. The same price as many regular grocery stores depending on the banana size.
      Other than the Super Targets that have full groceries, most Targets don’t have a scale at the register, so they price them per banana, just like Trader Joe’s does.

      • TwoToneFarms says:

        $.24 each is fine….but that’s $.72 for three, NOT $2!

        • Torgonius wants an edit button says:

          That’s the whole point of the meme. Target, documented several times on this site, will have a ‘special’ where the ‘sale price’ is much larger than individual regular prices.

      • MaxH42 needs an edit button says:

        AdAstra didn’t say 24 cents, they said .24 cents. If you still don’t see the difference, Google “Verizon math”.

  2. George4478 says:

    Whoo-hoo! Comment of the Day!

    I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible. As such, I have a few prepared remarks. *clears throat* Four score and seven comments ago, I…

    …Ginger for a weekend in Vegas, Mary Anne to take home to your mother….

    …Of course Donnie didn’t want his little brother hanging around but I bet he was surprised when the Funky Bunch was a hit…

    …and then the second one said ‘Focus? He don’t even know us!’…

    …and that’s how Spam became a favored food in Hawaii. In conclusion, thank you, little people.

  3. yosemitemtb says:

    I was just looking at some stuff on Target’s website a few minutes ago, the 64gb Ipod Touch qualifies for free shipping… but is only available in store.