Siri's Definition Of An Apple Store Is Very Generous

After seeing yesterday’s iPhone 5 announcement, Consumerist reader Ed thought he’d ask his wife’s phone for a little buying assistance.

We wish that Ed had decided to take Siri up on her suggestions and try to purchase a new iPhone at Apple Cleaners, or insist to the waiter at the Red Apple Family Restaurant that he be served an iPhone 5 with his chicken fingers.

And while we’re on the topic of Apple-related things that make us roll our eyes, Jimmy Kimmel had some fun proving that some people are blinded by their love of new technology:


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  1. HoJu says:

    Siri is becoming a little brazen in listing companies for Apple to sue for trademark infringement!

    • Coffee says:

      Heh…that was my first thought…all those business should feel very uneasy right now.

    • paleck says:

      Now we know how Apple has been deciding on which companies they should sue for trademark infringement…they’ve just been asking Siri.

  2. Broke_Daddy says:

    Maybe it should have referred him to a place for Road Apples…

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I just tried this and the fourth, sixth, and eighth results on my list were Apple stores. Siri needs to be able to use context for its own products. I asked Siri “where can I buy an iPhone” and Siri replied “ should be able to answer that question” and provided the link. Then I said “I want to buy an iPhone” and Siri interpreted that as “I want to buy Diet Coke.”

  4. umbriago says:

    “I want to buy a new iPhone tomorrow”
    “You live in Collinsville, Illinois. You have no money.”

  5. StarKillerX says:

    I saw the Jimmy Kimmel video earlier today on HardOCP, totally hilarious, especially because it’s so true!

    Ironically those are the very type of people that Apple targets, so mission accomplished Apple.

  6. hennese says:

    For the record I took the picture of the iPhone with my Droid – not sure if iPhone can do screenshots….

  7. Cerne says:

    I don’t see the big deal here. Siri is just insuring her own job security.

  8. Draw2much says:

    This is why they sue everyone with “apple” in the name. ;)

  9. km9v says:

    My wife has an iPhone 4S, Siri works about 25% of the time. It’s lame. My Galaxy S3 is about 80% accurate.