Sears Dishwasher Includes Free Live Snake, Customer Is Unhappy For Some Reason

I’ve shopped in enough pet stores to know that people will pay good money for snakes. One Sears customer in California got all upset yesterday when Sears came by her house to deliver a new Kenmore dishwasher from It was missing a few parts, which annoyed her. Oh, and there was a live snake taped to it.

The lucky recipient tweeted a photo of the snake and updates on the situation, and had to figure out what to do next. What are the protocols when a department store delivers you an appliance with a snake trapped to it? It had certainly never occurred to us to write a “how-to” guide for this situation.

She first called Sears, spending hours on hold and speaking to an alarming number of people before learning that Corporate was closed for the day and no one could help her. “Sears continues to apologize, but of the 15 people I have spoke with, none are able to actually resolve this problem,” she told Business Insider. Local Animal Control allegedly couldn’t come remove the animal because the snake was already contained: that is, taped to the dishwasher. Hours later, someone from Sears came and took the dishwasher and the snake back, and a new one will arrive next week. A new dishwasher, that is. They had better not send a new snake.

Knowing the priorities of our readers, let’s get this out of the way: we don’t know what happened to the snake, and will update you when we find out.

A Sears Customer Was Delivered A Dishwasher With A Live Snake Taped To It [Business Insider] (Thanks, Wayne!)
A photo for everyone. [Twitter]

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