Apple Doesn't Want Some Upstart Polish Grocery Site Horning In On Its Territory, Files Complaint

Apparently Apple is running out of companies to brawl in court with, which must explain why it’s picking a fight with a Polish online grocery website called Samsung is one kind of threat and then there’s the threat posed by a grocery store that seems to have already changed its site enough to not resemble the electronics giant at all.

Reuters says the Polish patent office has received a complaint on behalf of Apple, accusing of copying an Apple logo and otherwise using its sterling worldwide reputation to sell groceries. How dare they.

“Apple brand is widely recognised and the company says that, by using the name that sounds similar, is using Apple’s reputation,” said a patent office spokesman.

Meanwhile isn’t taking this whole snafu lying down, with its chief executive calling the accusation “ludicrous.”

In case Apple wants to know, I just ate an apple and told everyone else they should, too and pay me for them. Come at me.

Apple turns legal guns on Polish retailer [Reuters]

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