Family Suing Electrical Substation Near Their Home Because High-Voltage Shocks Aren't Pleasant

A family in New York is none too pleased with a nearby electrical substation’s rather faulty wiring, claiming that stray voltage has been traveling to their home and zapping them where they live. The couple say things got so bad with the frequent shocks, they can’t even keep animals at home and had to put down their dog.

The Westchester couple is suing New York State Electric and Gas for $2.3 million, the value of the home they’ve owned for 25 years. They tell CBS New York that they’re moving out because they can’t enjoy life in the house any more.

“My husband bought it so that he could enjoy it for the property; we bought it for the property,” the woman says of how bad things have gotten with the frequent shocks. “We had barns and horses and we can’t have them anymore, can’t have animals. It’s very depressing.”

The electric currents coming from the substation have caused the couple to clean out their bank account for a new home so that NYSE&G can send out currents all it wants without hurting them, they claim. The company says all charges leveled at them by the couple are false.

“We’re moving out, we can’t stay here, it’s dangerous,” says the man. “They’re not competently taking care of the problem so we’re looking for another place to live.”

Westchester County Couple Claims They Are Being Shocked Out Of Their House [CBS New York]

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