Airline Passenger With Her Own Bottle Of Gin Steals Food, Cigarettes, Demands Crew Put Some "F****** Music On"

Judging by the number of stories we see every week about airline passengers who have a few too many drinks, we sometimes wonder if the cabin crews are being a bit too free with the in-flight beverages. But then we hear about those terrible travelers who bring their own booze, freeing themselves up to cause a higher level of mayhem.

A woman in the UK recently went on trial for her bad behavior aboard an Emirates airline flight from Dubai to London.

Witnesses say the passenger, who admits to being intoxicated during the flight, was drinking from her personal bottle of gin and that the troubles started before the airplane even left the ground.

“As the aircraft was taxiing she got out of her seat and said very loudly that she needed to go to the ladies,” said the prosecutor. “She remained abusive, saying she just wanted music. She said: ‘I just want the f****** music on.'”

We are going to assume that the partially redacted word is not “funky.”

“She took a bottle from her handbag, and poured some gin into a plastic cup, which she consumed quickly,” continued the prosecutor. “She started taking food from other people’s plates and also opening a packet of cigarettes.”

The passenger blamed her shenanigans on a fear of flying and a lack of sleep. She said she drank the gin to calm her nerves.

And now she faces possible jail time.

“Your behaviour on the aircraft was is very distressing to passengers and the crew and it needlessly tied up the resources of the crew,” declared the court.

Drunk airline passenger stole other passengers’ food and demanded crew put some ‘f****** music on’ as she swigged from her own bottle of gin [Daily Mail]

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