Restaurant Owner Gets Revenge On A Customer With A Fake Sex Site Profile, Hooks Up With Libel Conviction

We’re constantly amazed at businesses that just don’t know how to take criticism. No, it likely doesn’t feel good to read negative reviews about your establishment on the Internet, but getting revenge by posing as a customer on a site for adults looking to hook up is not only childish, it’s going to have some legal repercussions. Just ask the co-owner of two eateries who retaliated in this manner against a customer she felt she had maligned her.

A judge in Canada convicted the co-owner of defamatory libel yesterday for sending lewd e-mails and posing as the customer in a racy online profile. She was found out because the profile closely echoed emails that she’d also sent to the woman’s employers. The customer says she’s suffered two years of “harassment” at the business owner’s hands, ever since a bad meal in May 2009.

“I am open to anything — couples, threesomes and group sex. Am especially into transsexuals and transgenders (being one myself). I am … a tiger in the bedroom,” read the e-mail that was circulated in her name, with similar words on the adult site under “men seeking men.”

The customer says service was slow at the restaurant, the waitress was rude and her food had olives all over it, even though she had explained she couldn’t eat them. She says she went to the other restaurant owned by her harasser to tell her about what had happened, but she wasn’t there and didn’t respond to her phone calls.

When her bad review hit a restaurant industry site, she says a deluge of posts followed using her full name and address. Site operators shut down the reviews for both restaurants. The co-owner then complained of a “vendetta” against her businesses, and apparently launched a vendetta of her own.

The customer seems pretty satisfied with her win over the business, telling Sun News after the verdict: “When you’re in the business of owning a restaurant and serving the public, people have a right to express their opinions.”

Learn your lesson, businesses. Your customers are going to review you and bad or good, you’ve just gotta roll with the punches.

Restaurateur sets up fake sex site profile to revenge bad review


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  1. NotEd says:

    So from the picture I’m guessing Donald and Daisy are both really transsexuals?

    I mean it makes sense. After all he doesn’t wear pants and does have any apparent issue with anything flopping about.

  2. Press1forDialTone says:

    That’s why they call it a small business, because often the people who run them
    are very “small” people.

    • NurseTimLPN says:

      The size of a planet but inside you are just, so, small.

    • kc2idf says:

      As a small business owner, I find that remark offensive. As an individual, I find it short-sighted. Surely you are able at least to give a business a chance before resorting to condescension?

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        Could you at least agree that negative coverage of small-minded business owners is almost exclusively reserved for SMALL business owners?

  3. The Beer Baron says:

    I do hope some of the authors behind the Goodreads Bullies kerfuffle take note of this and realize it’s very bad form to try and punish people for expressing opinions in a public forum.

  4. BBG says:

    And remember kids, this is Canada, where libel can be a criminal matter (and is, in this case).

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    Some victims just don’t know how to take a joke.

  6. bassbeast says:

    Hey, America! You know that Canada is actually bigger than you are, right? So, by saying “a restaurant in Canada,” you’re making the location even harder to find than in your own country. Besides, if you can memorize 50 states and several territories, surely you can memorize 10 provinces and three territories. I can find Wyoming on a US map. Can you even find Alberta?

  7. tsume says:

    It’s in the source, which is Canadian. In America, we like to read the source.

    • Galium says:

      Canada is in America, sorry, but you need to check your source.

      • kcvaliant says:

        North America or the America’s. Just saying in America means the US. Except for canada it seems.

      • Weekilter says:

        Oh puhleez. Be real. When someone says America 99.99% of the time they mean the USA. They don’t mean Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua or Colombia.

      • LochNess says:

        This is the kind of thing that should get an automatic “troll” mark on it.

      • LochNess says:

        Actually, I thought of a better response to this. Would a Canadian enjoy being called an “American”? After all, by this standard, they are.

        • shepd says:

          (I would)

          (But then again, I’d immigrate to the states if you guys would let me)

          • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

            Oh, we’ll let you. We have no real method to stop you from coming in, and don’t have the wherewithall to make you leave.

            • shepd says:

              Oh, if only! Turns out 15 years of relevant IT experience isn’t enough for a TN Visa, but if you’re a fresh grad who can barely get their project to stay open for more than 5 minutes you’re golden.

              Ahhh well, c’est la vie. I’ll just move to Vancouver with the rest of the Silicon Valley rejects. :^P

          • Emperor Norton I says:

            Don’t forget what Jack Kent Cooke said when he bought the LA Kings hockey team because the census showed lots of Canadians & ex-Canadians in Southern Cal., but he couldn’t get many people to go to the games.:
            “There are 900,000 Canadians living in Southern California & now I know why, they all hate hockey!”

  8. TBGBoodler says:

    Roll with the punches? Or listen to the criticism and improve?

  9. donovanr says:

    I usually don’t feel bad about posting bad reviews as the restaurant nearly always has a few 5 star reviews that sound like marketing material and usually praise and individual by name. Also I find that when posting a good review it usually joins the majority of good reviews and a poor review usually joins the majority of poor reviews.

  10. dragonfire81 says:

    Good lord I just realized this happened in my hometown.


  11. eapoe1 says:

    It seems like the harassment is mutual. I’m not obviously not defending what the restaurant owner did, but it sounds like the customer has spent years posting bad reviews about the restaurants based on one bad experience, which is strange, to say the least. There’s a recent review on tripadvisor for Mambo that sounds unbelievable. (The *entire* waitstaff had colds? The manager laughed at you, after keeping you waiting for 30 minutes? Your server suggested you eat somewhere else? The restaurant smelled like rotting food? Really?) I wonder if it’s from that original customer, especially since it’s the only review posted by the user.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      I read an article or two on this. I’m not sure where in the world you get the impression the victim here has been posting repeated bad reviews for years.

  12. jacobs cows says:

    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill..

  13. Harry Greek says:

    Take a look at Marisol Simoes;

    It’s true, beautiful women are crazy.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      That article sounded like one the owner paid someone to write it.