King Soopers: Man's "Popcorn Lung" Condition Came From Carpet Cleaning Chemicals, Not Snacking

A man in Colorado is claiming in a lawsuit against grocery chain King Soopers that there is indeed, a condition called popcorn lung, and he’s got it after eating microwave popcorn from the store. He says King Soopers should’ve warned him that an ingredient in the popcorn’s butter flavoring called diacetyl could be dangerous. However the chain’s lawyers say his health issues aren’t due to an overabundance of the snack, but because he worked with cleaning chemicals for years.

Everyone agrees that the man has respiratory problems, notes CBS Denver, but King Soopers says the man lied about how much popcorn he ate and conveniently forgot to mention to the court that he was exposed to dangerous chemicals for a long period of time.

“Who would ever reasonably think that popping popcorn in your own home, no matter how it’s packaged or processed, would all of a sudden turn into an agent for toxic lung disease,” the man said back in 2010.

Popcorn factory workers have won or settled previous lawsuits over health issues they claim came from inhaling the flavoring, but it’ll be up to the jury in this case to decide whether or not the man could’ve possibly inhaled enough just popping the stuff at home to get sick.

Scientists recently linked diacetyl to Alzheimer’s and other problems after researchers studied its ill effects on workers in popcorn factories, but noted that the average snacking consumer would likely not be at risk.

King Soopers Strikes Back In Popcorn Lung Lawsuit [CBS Denver]


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  1. AstroPig7 says:

    Is popcorn lung like 3 Musketeers arse?

    • Captain Spock says:

      I WAS considering a late lunch… Thanks for nothing man.

      • AstroPig7 says:

        Just have some cauliflower. That doesn’t resemble any bodily issues whatsoever!

      • raydeebug says:

        It’s good for your diet!

        Up until you reach your saturation point for gross-out-stuff, and are able to watch Saw movies while eating spaghetti or extra-rare steak.

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          I watched Dexter while eating tomato soup. Mistake.

        • AstroPig7 says:

          Oh, I had chlii ruined for me by G. I. Joe: The Movie. I was an adult before I could stomach the stuff again, because it always reminded me of disgustingly mutated insects and reptiles.

  2. shepd says:

    Popcorn lung is a real disease, however, it’s been quite a while since diacetyl was used in microwave popcorn (hence you may have noticed that for a few years microwave popcorn hasn’t tasted as nice). I’m pretty sure most popcorn companies had quit using it in 2010.

  3. samonela says:

    Time to Break Bad?

  4. Sarek says:

    I once got chemical pneumonia from accidentally inhaling carpet cleaner while cleaning only 1 room. So it’s plausible.

    • StarKillerX says:

      Yeah, it would seem to me that years of being exposed to various chemicals while cleaning carpets is far more likely to be the cause then microwaving popcorn, although that assumes that he wasn’t simply opening the popcorn bags and huffing the contents.

      • HalOfBorg says:

        I doubt it says anywhere on the bag to “huff the contents” – but it probably also DOESN’T say not to.

        • StarKillerX says:

          Well you got me there!

          • YouDidWhatNow? says:

            “Look, if you’re not supposed to shove the popcorn packet up your ass, and then stick your ass in the microwave and turn it on, then IT NEEDS TO SAY SO ON THE LABEL!”


  5. InsomniacZombie says:

    Why the hell would you want to eat something that toxic. Furthermore, why the hell is it used as a food additive?

  6. Blueskylaw says:

    So now people will expect a 5,000 page PDF document detailing everything that might even be remotely dangerous with everything a store sells. Will we now have to sign releases stating that we have read and understand said document and all the inherent dangers associated with the purchase of said products mentioned in the aforementioned document and legally release King Soopers from any and all injuries suffered whether real or imagined?

    • Bort says:

      you could always revoke laws that forbid poisons in food, like a well known political party seems to favour in order to help the economy
      however one needs to strike a balance between food safety laws and utter stupidity like 5000 page safety documents, we all have the right not to eat poison, especially in the cause of padding someones profit margin

  7. shepd says:

    Just for the fun of it, did you know Margo Jones died from accidental carpet cleaner poisoning?

  8. Zyada says:

    Is this the guy who was making his popcorn, then opening the bag and taking a deep breath of the “popcorn smell”?

    Popcorn lung victims – numerous factory workers and one guy who huffs his popcorn.

  9. wombats lives in [redacted] says:

    I’ll let the lawyer speak:

    lawyers for the supermarket chain responded saying they “might have well have warned that there are aliens popping out of the bags because there’s just as much support for that.”

  10. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Why is he suing the store? Why not the popcorn manufacturer? I hope they throw the lawsuit out. The popcorn lung guy (if it’s not the same one) was all over the news. You’d have to be an idiot not to have seen that.

    Oh wait…

  11. Press1forDialTone says:

    i air-pop my popcorn at home and add a smidge of real creamery butter and just
    tiny amount of salt. Delicious and I get the exercise of actually moving while making
    the popcorn.

  12. Bob A Dobalina says:

    This just in: Mayor Bloomberg bans popping corn within 50 ft of any building