In Case You Weren't Aware, Throwing Hot Tea At Dunkin' Donuts Workers Will Not Resolve Your Issue

Complaining about poor service is one thing, but when you put yourself into battle mode because of a perceived slight, you’re just courting trouble. A Dunkin’ Donuts customer was reportedly not quite pleased with how she was being treated recently, and got more than herself into hot water when she tossed tea at employees recently.

CBS Boston says the woman is accused of throwing hot tea at two Dunkin’ Donuts employees, and has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The whole situation went down over a grudge the woman was holding from a previous visit — she came back to the store to complain about her treatment at the hands of employees the week before. According to the accused, on this visit, she didn’t appreciate how employees were looking at her so she dropped a cup of iced tea.

Not so, say the workers. There’s a difference between hot and iced, and one hurts a lot more than the other. They claim she threw hot tea at them after a bit of a testy exchange, although neither victim was injured. Surveillance video backs up their claim that the tea was aimed in their direction.

The woman was arrested and released on bail, and is charged with disorderly conduct.

Hot or cold liquid, munchkin shaped or not, don’t throw things at employees if you want to stay out of jail.

Woman Accused Of Throwing Hot Tea At Dunkin’ Donuts Workers [CBS Boston]

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