Apple Officially Starts The iPhone Salivation Countdown With Event Scheduled For Sept. 12

It’s been more than five years since the first iPhone was unveiled, and here we all are, still caught up in “When is the next iPhone going to come out oh please tell me tell me” speculation. After months of guesswork, the announcement appears to be nigh, as Apple has issued an invitation to media for a special event on Sept. 12.

The date doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as die-hard Apple fans have been gathering any and all hints of news about the expected iPhone 5 and guessed it would be announced in the second week of September.  The event will kick off at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the email invitation is quite a tease, reading “It’s almost here” on a white background with a number 12 that just so happens to have a shadow in the shape of a five. Wait a second… could that mean… yes, it’s probably the iPhone 5. We get it.

Apple could get a pretty big score with the iPhone 5, as fans of the phones have been holding out for the next offering for awhile now. It’s facing plenty of competition from its courtroom foe Samsung, as well as other makers of smartphones featuring the Android platform. Android holds 68% of the global smartphone shipments, notes the WSJ, in comparison to iPhone’s 17% share.

The buzz around the newest iPhone has customers expecting a somewhat larger screen but to look a lot like the one-year-old 4S. As we noted last week, you might want to get a jump on pre-ordering your phone once it’s revealed, as Apple is reportedly having trouble getting enough screens for the new iteration. And we know if anyone has to wait even one second longer for a new phone, they will absolutely burst from the anticipation. No one wants that.

Apple Sets Sept. 12 Event [Wall Street Journal]


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Good time to get iPhone 4 for cheap.

  2. Costner says:

    I still find the humor the company who is supposedly the “innovator” is finally going to have a phone which is 4G capable. I need a new phone, so I’ll be curious if it has anything worth paying a premium for… if not I’m thinking Samsung Galaxy whatevernumbertheyareuptonow.

    Granted I’m not paying $400 for a phone, so if their pricing is outrageous, I won’t bother. I like the idea of having iOS and iCloud so I can link it to my iPad, but I’m not spending hundreds to make it happen. It might be cheaper to buy an Android phone and a Nexus 7 tablet and calling it a day. Plus with Google Play (and in the Amazon store) many songs are still .99 whereas the same song is 1.29 over at Apple. 30 cents doesn’t sound like much, but a 30% price premium raises my eyebrows.

    • wombats lives in [redacted] says:

      Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC 1x (aka 4g LTE), or Google Nexus are the best offerings for Android currently.

      • Weekilter says:

        I suggest if you want an Android phone that’s probably what you should get. If that makes you happy you should do it. Likewise if you want an iPhone that’s probably what you should get. To claim that one or the other is superior is a stupid game and the type of argument that junior high school students have.

    • JonBoy470 says:

      Think back to the original iPhone in 2007. After it launched, all the pundits lambasted it for its lack of 3G data (it only had GSM/Edge). In the ensuing months, the trickle of 3G phones available at the iPhone’s launch became legions, across all carriers. At the time, a common complaint, both in reviews and user experience, was of the abysmal battery life of these 3G phones. A year later, the iPhone 3G was launched, and during that launch it was revealed that Apple had omitted 3G from the original model, until they could get the battery life to be satisfactory. A similar theme has played out with 4G/LTE. True, LTE Android phones with un-sucky battery life have hit the market since the iPhone 4S launch, but for the most part they do so by making the phone humungous to fit a ginormous screen, and (quietly) a ginormous battery. Now the big screen is nice to look at, but compromises one-hand operation, and pocketability.

      You must keep in mind that Apple’s design philosophy is that they would rather not give you a particular feature at all than give it to you with a half-ass implementation. A phone with crappy battery life, or an overgrown phone are not how they roll. The fact that the iPhone 4S has outsold every 4G/LTE device ever released seems a sure sign they’re onto something.

  3. chefboyardee says:

    “and here we all are, still caught up in “When is the next iPhone going to come out oh please tell me tell me” speculation”

    You can cross off “we all”, thankyouverymuch. Some of us have lives and seriously couldn’t care less. I’m more interested in the weather halfway across the world 3 years from now than I am for anything iPhone related.

    *note: not an iDevice hater, just a “stupid hype gimme gimme can’t wait a week OMFG technology I have no life and nothing else interesting to talk about” hater.

  4. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    I’m holding out until the iPhone 6, which will have all the features of the 5 but with twice the wait.

  5. shinseiromeo says:


    This is just stupid now. WE ALREADY HAVE AN iPhone 5! Hence iOS 6 coming out, the next iPhone is the sixth one.

    • elangomatt says:

      It is really gonna blow your mind if the next iteration of iPad is called the iPad 3 isn’t it? After all, the 3rd iteration is “The New iPad” with its “resolutionary” screen. So why not name the next one iPad 3?

  6. TuxthePenguin says:

    I’ve had an iPhone since the first one debuted and if the leaks that have hit the net are the highlights of the new iPhone, this will be the first one I skip. I’m sorry, but a larger screen doesn’t necessarily mean anything when a ton of things that people have been asking for are still not included. The biggest one, from most enterprise users, is the ability to have the lock screen display upcoming appointments. Heck, if we could make the drag-down notification screen automatically appear when we unlock the phone, that’d be a huge improvement.

    The iPhone got popular because it was a paradigm shift from what had come before. Now its features are nothing special – heck, Siri doesn’t work near as well as Windows and Andriod’s offerings. What else does the iPhone have that the others don’t? Other than rapid fanbois?

    • scoosdad says:

      Globally blocking unknown callers would make me happier (Verizon- iPhone 4 user).

      (And please don’t tell me to make a contact called ‘unknown caller’ and assign a silent ringtone to it. That doesn’t work. Unknown Caller is not matched to anything on your contacts list.)

      • tlvx says:

        Uh, hello… Jailbreak.

        • Mark702 says:

          You shouldn’t have to. Why should I have to subvert the system in place just to get features that should be available from the get go?

          • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

            In your opinion. If you don’t like the feature set of the product, don’t buy it. Nobody’s got a gun to your head.

            Obligatory car analogy: Some cars have turbocharged engines. If you want a car with a turbocharged engine, buy one. The cars I’m currently looking at now don’t have one. I’m not bitching about that, because that’s a feature those particular cars don’t have. Not all cars have every option possible; that’s why there are different models from different manufacturers. Similarly, if that was a feature that was so important to you, then buy a phone with that feature. That leaves the iPhone out of your choices. And even if you have an iPhone, you have a way of adding that feature, if it’s important enough to void the warranty.

            Also, this is the best example of a first world problem I’ve seen all week.

  7. Shorebreak says:

    “And we know if anyone has to wait even one second longer for a new phone, they will absolutely burst from the anticipation. No one wants that.”

    In that case, better camp-out in line now.

  8. PXAbstraction says:

    When did an announcement of a press event become worthy of breaking news coverage, especially from a site that’s supposed to be about consumer issues? Apple has a massive PR department, they don’t need every official news site giving them more for free, especially a site that’s supposed to be about fighting injustices against consumers. any other manufacturer announces a phone that innovates rather than iterates and it barely makes a blip, Apple does it and it’s front page news everywhere.

    • JonBoy470 says:

      1984 called, they want their comment back. Apple has been the master of event-driven marketing since at least the launch of the original Macintosh in 1984. As for iteration vs. innovation, Google got the ball rolling by effectively stealing iOS (much as Microsoft “stole” Windows from the Mac). All the handset manufacturers are iterating a bazillion different phones with minimal functional differences and a huge variety of stupid-sounding names dreamed up by committee (I’m looking at you, Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G Touch!)

  9. BrownLeopard says:

    I’ll stick with my Kyocera Hydro, thanks. After this recent patent debacle that Apple has been throwing around, I won’t be renewing my AASP or anything else Apple related. No service, no devices, no computers. They’ve totally soured me with their “We’re going to just sue our closest competitors out of business.” crap.

  10. CalicoGal says:

    My master plan for next year when my AT&T contract is up is to replace my HTC Inspire 4G with a Galaxy Nexus from Google and a SIM card from Straight Talk.

    NO MORE contracts— NO MORE bloatware. Unlimited data :O)

    • tlvx says:

      There are a lot of phones that hold a prepaid sim card, including the iphone.

    • wren337 says:

      I love that you can finally, in the US, pay less per month instead if you don’t want a subsidized phone. It’s been the norm elsewhere forever. I don’t give a crap about getting a new phone every time my contract is up. I’d rather pay $20 less a month.

  11. wombats lives in [redacted] says:

    Apple: “It’s almost here”
    Android: “We’re here and not waiting for you.”

  12. McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

    Apple released iPhone 5. iPhone 5 has LTE.

    Apple immediately gets sued for Samsung for violating Samsung’s LTE patents.
    Betting odds are Apple will loose that one.

    lulz ensues