Do You Have Questions For A Retail Store Manager?

Do you have questions about how the business of retail works from the other side of the register? Are you curious about store credit cards, loyalty cards, confusing signage, women’s clothing sizes, loss prevention, sales goals, the all-consuming power of Corporate, or other things that form the basis of most Consumerist complaints? The Consumerist’s Mystery Manager is here to answer your questions.

Mystery Manager has more than a decade or so of experience uniting customers with their wants and needs. M.M. has also put in time at discount stores and chain pharmacies, but mostly in the midrange clothing stores that line the corridors of nearly every mall in the country. This manager was also our source for the “three refusals” side note that riled up our commenters earlier this week.

You can leave comments here, or send them via e-mail to with “Ask a Manager” in the subject line. Hand in your questions by 5 P.M. Eastern on Wednesday, September 5. We’ll send your questions over and publish the answers next week.

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