Man Suing Orthodontist After 11 Years In Braces Got Him Straight But Rotten Teeth

Nothing like a nice straight smile after spending years in braces — oh but, it should go without saying that said straight smile shouldn’t be made up of a mouthful of rotten teeth. An Oregon man is suing his orthodontist after spending 11 years in braces, because he says many of his teeth have suffered serious decay.

Usually orthodontists recommend two years in braces, but the man was locked in from age 7 to 18. He’s filed a lawsuit seeking $185,100 in damages, claiming that the years spent with his teeth covered have resulted in awful rotting and periodontal disease.

“What I’m told by the experts is, ‘You can’t do this. You can’t keep them on that long. It’s just not done,” his attorney told The Oregonian.

From the sound of it, this guy is in for some serious dental bills in addition to the $35,000 he’s already racked up. Some teeth will be pulled and replaced, but in some parts of his mouth, the teeth have rotted clear through to the jaw.

He claimed he began visiting the orthodontist in August 1997 after another doctor had installed his braces. He visited periodically until he says he got a frantic call in 2008 from the orthodontist’s office saying the braces had to come off immediately.

However, the orthodontist in question says he couldn’t even dealt with the man’s braces until 2002, because that’s when he became a licensed orthodontist.

“We have the utmost respect for them and empathy, and treat them — everybody — with the best quality care as we possibly can,” he said.

As someone who spent two horrible years as a metalmouth, 11 years in braces sounds like the most torturous thing a person could go through. Didn’t anyone else question why it was taking so long, or detect the tooth decay along the way? Shudder.

Rotten teeth, after 11 years in braces, lead Oregon man to sue for $185,100 [The Oregonian]

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