Amazon To Start Collecting Sales Tax On Goods Shipped To Pennsylvania

To kick off the weekend, Amazon will be collecting a 6% sales tax on orders shipped to Pennsylvania starting on Saturday, because of a state directive that requires it do so. A spokesman said that despite the fact that the company had fought the sales tax, Amazon had to reverse its position to comply with the state.

But don’t let that scare you off from Amazon, begs Amazon.

“We believe that customers (in Pennsylvania) will continue to come to Amazon because we offer the best prices with or without sales tax,” said the spokesman, Scott Stanzel.

Other states where Amazon collects sales tax include Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, New York, Texas and Washington. California will be added to that list on Sept. 15 as well. Amazon believes anything involving taxation of e-commerce should be handled by federal legislation that across the board lets the states decide for themselves, noted the spokesman.

There are six fulfillment centers in Pennsylvania, which is why the state insisted that it could collect sales tax — because Amazon has a physical presence within the state. to begin collecting sales tax in Pa. [Associated Press]

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