We've Got A Few Other Suggestions For Your $290 Other Than Buying A Fancy Paper Bag

(Jil Sander)

I’ve had a package of brown paper lunch bags in my pantry going mostly unused for about four years now. I can’t remember how much I paid for them, although a similar 40-count bag is available from Dollar Tree for just $1. In case you are in the mood to spend $290, don’t spend that dough on a designer paper bag that’s all the rage on the Interwebs (you probably won’t use it either) — we’ve got a few other ideas on how you can spend your money.

Even if you wanted to buy Jil Sander’s Vasari bag, in all its coated paper glory and gold-colored eyelets, you can’t because they’re sold out, notes the Huffington Post.

Now that your fancy paper bag dreams are shattered, here are a few other suggestions for that $289 burning a hole in your pocket — after you’ve satisfied your lunch bag needs with that $1 pack from any discount store.

Donate to Consumerist — or heck, pick your favorite Consumerist staffer and get generous with how you show your affection. Meg Marco has made it clear that she wouldn’t mind $289 and she is definitely not alone in that sentiment.

• Throw $289 in cash out of a car’s sunroof while blaring “I Believe I Can Fly” or whatever your personal inspirational song is to incite change in others and give strangers hope in the inherent goodness of humanity.

• Walk up to anyone you see on the street and ask if they have a student loan/car/mortgage/credit card payment due soon. If so, hand over $289. If not, keep going.

• Select a random Kickstarter campaign that doesn’t appear to be doing too well and make someone’s day by funding their CD/community garden/T-shirt making business.

This is just the beginning — we’re sure there must be other ways your $289 can be put to use. Feel free to come up with your own ideas in the comments.

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