Wells Fargo Pushes Pause On Foreclosure As Petition Nears 150,000 Signatures

Yesterday, we told you about the California woman who was trying to save the house she’d inherited when her mother passed away, but who claims she is facing foreclosure because the bank refuses to deal with anyone other than her late mom. Since then, more than 120,000 additional people have signed the daughter’s petition and the attention has moved Wells Fargo to put things on hold for a moment.

A rep for Wells Fargo tells Consumerist:

“We look forward to speaking with Ms. Leeks, and have reached out to her and her attorney today to discuss the situation involving her mother’s home. In the meantime, the foreclosure sale has been placed on hold.”

The daughter says she can pay the mortgage and claims that her attempts to do so have been rebuffed by the bank. She says that she has repeatedly provided the bank with documents proving that she is the executor of her late mother’s estate and the new owner of the house, but no one at the bank recognizes her authority — or will even tell her how much is owed on the mortgage.

As of right now, the daughter’s Change.org petition has around 145,000 signatures from people who hope to see this situation resolved.

If/when there are any updates, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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