Man Announces "Toyota Sucks" On Roof — And Google Maps Takes Notice

Writing “Toyota Sucks” on your roof and turning your Toyota truck into an anti-Toyota billboard may seem like a slightly fruitless exercise. That is, until both of them end up on Google Maps, much to the amusement of the Internet.

You have to zoom in to read the roof of this home in Bradenton, FL, but it clearly states that the world’s largest car maker “sucks.”

And just in case no one was clear on the homeowner’s opinion, a switch to Google Street View of the house shows a Toyota Tundra with writing on the side that reads, “THE NEW TUNDRA WITH BUMP AND JERK THROTTLE.”

We only hope this is the beginning of a new trend in Google Maps-exploiting consumers.

How An Angry Truck Owner Used Google And His House To Let Everyone Know ‘Toyota Sucks’ [Jalopnik]

Thanks to deniedbeef30 for the tip!

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