Kroger Manager Fired For Allegedly Attacking Man Who Handed Out Food In Parking Lot

After you buy food at the grocery store, it’s pretty much yours to do with as you wish, right? But a Kroger manager in Georgia didn’t believe that an elderly customer would just want to hand out food to hungry people, and allegedly attacked the man, losing his job in the process.

The incident occurred last Thursday, when the 73-year-old, who operates a non-profit that donates perishable food to families in need, was was trying to help a young woman who could not afford all the groceries she needed to buy.

He asked her to follow her out to the parking lot so he could look through the food he had available to hand out to see what he could offer her.

“The manager came outside with a security guard and told me to leave the property and I wasn’t allowed to sell food there,” the man tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I told him that I wasn’t selling food.”

The manager was not convinced, even though the septuagenarian had been working with this particular Kroger since starting his operation more than a decade ago.

“He asked me to show him proof of my business,” recalls the man, who says he got a card from inside the vehicle and gav it to the manager. “Then he snatched the [card] from me and turned to walk away.”

When the man tried to get the card back from the manager, that’s when witnesses say the manager “knocked [the 73-year-old] down in the parking lot and just busted his head open.”

In addition to requiring stitches for the cut over his eye, the older man reportedly reinjured a rotator cuff tear that he’d recently had surgery to repair.

The manager was charged with simple battery and released on $1,000 bond.

Kroger HQ calls the incident, “a terrible thing. This never should have happened and we deeply regret that it did…. After an internal investigation, we have decided to terminate [the manager’s] employment with Kroger.”

Because of his injuries, the man says he hasn’t been able to hand out food since the incident.

“I don’t think I could stop,” he explains. “But there are places that I go everyday that I haven’t been able to go to.”

Kroger manager fired after attack on senior []


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  1. AtlantaCPA says:

    My wife and I have noticed a rule – anytime Georgia is in the national news, it’s for the most embarrassing story you can imagine, never something positive. Sometimes I have to just hang my head and pretend I don’t live here.

    • AzCatz07 says:

      Many people feel that way about their state. Imagine living in Arizona, which never has anything positive written about it!

      • Emperor Norton I says:

        No, people in Illinois know that the national stories will be about how corrupt we are.
        The pathetic part of this is we’re proud of that!
        Illinois is more corrupt than New Jersey & Louisiana combined & then doubled!

        • AzCatz07 says:

          At least most folks in Illinois don’t believe the President wasn’t born in the US.

          • AtlantaCPA says:

            You’re right, there are crazies everywhere. I guess it’s the flavor of crazy that is regional, and I should be glad that Georgia gets Incompetent and/or Inhumane crazies instead of Corrupt (Illinois) or “thinks the desert is full of decapitated corpses” (AZ) crazies.

          • Shinchan - Please assume that all of my posts are sarcastic unless indicated otherwise says:

            You’ve never been south of Kankakee, have you?

            • lanman04 says:

              Heh, I lived in Peoria for a few years, and I can verify this statement.

              It’s like North Kentucky down there, birthers and all.

      • frankrizzo:You're locked up in here with me. says:

        Indiana is quite boring. Has been since everybody moved out of Gary. At least we’ve got Illinois for the juicy stuff.

    • George4478 says:

      I live in the Atlanta suburbs.

      I went and saw the movie Speed at the theater when it first came out. When they identified bad guy Dennis Hopper as a ‘disgruntled Atlanta policeman’ the theater erupted in cheers. Represent!

      /in fairness, people probably cheer for anyone trying to blow up Keanu Reeves

    • conquestofbread says:

      At least you’re not from Mississippi or South Carolina.

    • areaman says:

      Don’t worry. There will be a Florida story soon that will make this story look amateurish.

      Photo of former employee:

    • MaytagRepairman is stealing socks while fixing your dryer. says:

      And there is no comfort to be gained by pretending that you live in a state called North Florida.

    • finbar says:

      Everyone’s state is that way. My brother was studying abroad when Arnold got elected Governor of California in the recall, he hated trying to explain to people why we would elect the terminator to office…

  2. MaxH42 needs an edit button says:

    The manager was a prick and deserves much worse than to be fired. I hope he’s prosecuted.The store should be encouraging this, as the guy probably buys that food at Kroger. (Even if he doesn’t, it’s still theoretically food that the woman wouldn’t have been able to buy at Kroger anyway.)

    • Wonko the Sane says:

      Agreed. The Kroger we frequented in Nashville understood the fact that money spent buying food for charity was no less valuable than money spent buying food for consumption.

      They actually encouraged this practice by allowing local food banks in to collect groceries without being assaulted by management.

    • JJFIII says:

      Kroger does not have ANY authority to determine prosecution. That is squarely on the shoulders of the prosecuting attorney for the area, AS IT SHOULD BE. Kroger has done what it should.

      • MaxH42 needs an edit button says:

        Gee, thank you for randomly bringing up the role of district attorneys, but “encouraging this” referred to encouraging customers giving away food, as everyone else could apparently tell by the part immediately following, where I pointed out that the victim is probably also a good customer of theirs.

    • oldwiz65 says:

      And Kroger should pay the old guy’s medical bills in full, plus damages. His injuries were caused by direct action of a Kroger employee, which makes Kroger fully responsible.

      • Robert Nagel says:

        The law isn’t quite that clear cut. If the manager is doing something to advance the interests of his employer, the employer is liable for any damages. however, it is hard to see how assaulting an old man advances the business of the employer or could possibly be in the course of his employment.
        That said, Kroger is screwed because most jurors are going to want to punish the manager, even if it is indirectly, and they are going to want to take care of the old man.

  3. bnceo says:

    Manager deserves assault charges. And add in the maximum for being completely stupid against his fellow man.

  4. Gorbachev says:

    Wow, the serfs are really serving their masters well at Krogers.

  5. AzCatz07 says:

    I like the fact that Kroger didn’t pull the usual corporate BS and has admitted its manager was mistaken.

    • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

      In fairness “knocking a senior citizen down while he was giving food to the hungry” is pretty hard to defend, so they decided to be human about it. Not really a hard choice in this case, is what I’m saying.

      • conquestofbread says:

        Word, elder abuse won’t win you any fans, they did the smart thing by putting their head down and apologizing.

    • LastError says:

      Two reasons why: 1) there’s really good video of the incident and LOTS of witnesses, and 2) Kroger has a lot at stake in the Atlanta region.

      It’s just surprising this didn’t happen at Kroger store 364 which has gone to being nothing but s stinking mess. That store, I would expect the employees to batter and beat customers.

      • AzCatz07 says:

        We have Fry’s Food here, owned by Kroger. It’s amazing how disparate their stores can be. I have one 8 miles east of my house and one 8 miles west of my house. The one to the east is immaculate, well-stocked, and has friendly employees. The one to the west? Well, I won’t even go into that store. It’s filthy, the employees are rude, and the fish cooler always seems to be under repair. Gross.

  6. Invader Zim says:

    Wow that ex manager knows how to do stupid all the way. Imagine trying to explain why you slugged an old man in the parking lot and trying to make it sound like he deserved it.

  7. momoftwokids says:

    I noted in the full story “he overheard a woman on the phone saying she couldn’t afford to buy some items” – what kind of phone was it? Because if she was talking on a smartphone with some $80-$100 a month plan maybe she should consider going something cheaper there and spending the money on food.

    I am amazed when I go grocery shopping and see someone paying with food stamps then driving away in a much nicer car than I own.

    • JJFIII says:

      Maybe her mother or children gave her the phone. Maybe she does not have a landline and only a smartphone. Maybe she uses the phone for her internet and phone service and to keep aware of where her kids are at all times Or maybe it is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS where or how she spends her money. She did not ask YOU for money.

      • El_Fez says:

        . . .it is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS where or how she spends her money

        Quoted for emphasis because it’s the truthiest truth spoken today!

        • Kuri says:

          B, but, it’s not her money, it;s whoever paid those taxes, so she should only eat rice and beans and should only be using a broken old bicycle to get around. SOCIALISM!!!! /s

    • grebby says:

      Apparently you think it’s impossible to buy a car, then lose your job and have to go on unemployment and food stamps.

      And don’t tell me they should sell that nice car and buy a junker! Because it’s so easy to walk away from a car loan when you’re underwater, and to get a loan for a used car when you’re unemployed.

      And I really doubt you can tell how much someone’s mobile phone bill is by looking at them. Don’t be a snob and assume everyone is out to cheat the system.

    • humphrmi says:

      Sigh. What does this have to do with either:

      (1) The victim giving the woman free food that he purchased, or
      (2) The victim being slugged by the store manager?

      The story probably didn’t mention what kind of phone she had because IT DIDN’T FUCKING MATTER.

    • Kuri says:

      How did I know I would see a comment like this?

      • HomerSimpson says:

        Because it’s “The Consumerist” where *everything* posted is *somehow* the OP’s fault (or someone close to it).

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Must we have this shit every single time? Jesus, you welfare pearl-clutchers are worse than birthers.


    • newfenoix says:

      That’s not the point. This story was amount an asshole manager hitting an old man for HANDING out HIS OWN property in the parking lot. And said manager’s employment being rightful terminated.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      aside from agreeing that it’s none of your business, please consider:

      a) there are inexpensive phones in the world.
      b) maybe she bought the phone then lost her income

    • triana says:

      Or maybe it’s a Virgin Mobile $45 unlimited everything plan, which is far cheaper than most landline + home internet plans.

      • triana says:

        This was supposed to be a reply to momoftwokids.

      • missminimonster says:

        Agreed. You can get a smart phone plan from a place like Boost Mobile for as little as $35 a month if you make enough payments on time.

      • VintageLydia says:

        Yup. I pay $45 with Straight Talk using an expensive phone I already had. If you saw my phone, you’d think I’d have a $100+ plan, but truly I’ve had it for almost two years and saw no reason to upgrade or buy a new one.

    • blueman says:

      Ignorant, uninformed speculation. So if you need help buying food you should give up on having any way to call your family, call 911, call your employer or look for work (and be able to receive calls), etc.?


    • Anna Kossua says:

      Momoftwokids – How do you know when a person pays for their food with food stamps? All 50 states use a card system, and have done so for about 8 years.

      You’d have to know what the FS cards look like (they look like any other debit or credit card) and be close enough to see the difference when they slide it through the card reader. Then, you’d have to have your purchases rung up, put into bags, and do so fast enough to see them get in their car.

      If any of that is the case, you should quit watching them so closely. It’s creepy.

      Also, if “what kind of phone” the woman has is your takeaway from an article about an elderly man getting attacked by a store manager, you really need to get your humanity chip calibrated.

  8. Aliciaz777 says:

    I hope someone knocks that manager on his ass. I hate that there’s people in the world like him. We need more people like the man who hands out food and a lot less of the people like the manager.

  9. Velvet Jones says:

    Why is it that grocery store managers tend to be some of the biggest d-bags on the planet? Is it a job requirement or part of the training program? I’ve had several friends that have worked for various chains and the managers were always some of the worst people I’ve ever met in a position of authority.

  10. jacobs cows says:

    Sounds like the manager just snapped.