Camelbak Advertises Lifetime Warranty, Even Honors It If You're Clumsy

Mike really likes his Camelbak water bottle. He carried it everywhere, and then dropped it and it broke. He was briefly sad, then purchased a replacement. He sent in a warranty claim by e-mail, though, just to see what would happen. What happened was that the company sent him a new replacement lid. Yay!

I’m a big fan of the CamelBak water bottles. They are good for the environment, fun to drink out of, and it’s like a baby bottle for adults. I guess I just like the bite and drink system.

Anyway, I had one of their regular water bottles that I used for a couple of months, and I drank almost all of my water through it. It was awesome. I used it at home, at work, and at the gym.

Unfortunately, when I was in the process of moving, I had too much in my hands and clumsily dropped my precious water bottle on the ground. The bite piece was in the up position and snapped off. I was really bummed out, and ended up buying another CamelBak as a replacement.

However, being a curious fellow, I submitted an email claim through their lifetime warranty service, even though it was my own dumb fault. With no questions asked they sent me a brand new lid. I was pleasantly surprised, and now have two awesome water bottles, one for work and one for home. CamelBak really surpsied me with their awsome response, and I think they should get some props on the Consumerist web site for being a really great company.

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