Family Battling Squatters Finally Able To Move Back Into Their Own Home After Almost 9 Months

It must have been a sweet, sweet homecoming for the Colorado family that has been fighting to regain possession of their home after squatters claimed they had a right to live there. It’s been about nine months since the family — which had moved to Indiana temporarily for work — got a call from a neighbor saying there were strangers living in their house.

Thus began a protracted struggle to take back the home, with the squatters trying to claim adverse possession and telling the family that they had bought the house fair and square.

As we reported in late July, the family thought everything would be okay when a county sheriff issued an eviction notice to those living in the stolen home. But when the squatters filed for bankruptcy, the sheriff’s office said it couldn’t go forward with the eviction under those circumstances. The family was forced to live in a relative’s basement while trying to get back into their house.

CBS Denver says while the squatters fought hard to stay, the grand jury indictment was returned and they finally gave up the goose and moved out.

“It’s wonderful, great, couldn’t ask for anything more,” the family’s father told the news station, adding that despite some overgrown weeds in the backyard, the home is in good condition.

“They actually did think that they bought the home, so they took really good care of it,” he explained.

The squatters apparently purchased the home from two men who have been charged with racketeering, theft and other crimes in connection to the case. The people who moved in have been charged with trespassing.

Despite the long fight, the father seems to just be happy everything has come to a conclusion.

“Yeah it’s over, it’s over, I can sleep at night,” he said.

And in his own home — imagine that.

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