Man Sues Firing Range Over "Ladies' Day" Promotion

The notion of a “ladies drink free” night at a bar or club is certainly not unheard of, but a man in Maryland says a local firing range is breaking the law by hosting days where females — and only females — are allowed to shoot without having to pay.

“Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I should have to pay more,” the man, who has filed a $200,000 lawsuit against the range, explains to WJLA-TV.

He says that he went to the range on a Monday in 2011 and paid his $15 fee, only to then see two women enter without paying.

The man claims that when he asked a range employee why women didn’t have to pay that day while he did, the employee replied,”Because they’re women, and you don’t fit the criteria.”

He took his grievance to the local Human Relations Commission, which sided with the man that this policy is discriminatory.

But the range’s president tells WJLA that a “Ladies Day” is no different than similar promotions for senior citizens, kids or members of the military.

One customer who is fine with the promotion says that, just like the aforementioned Ladies Nights at bars and clubs, free shooting days for women is good business.

“Guys are going to pay to go where the ladies are, so if they get in for free that’s going to influence us to come out,” explains the customer.

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