At Geek Squad, Every Day Is Opposite Day

Diane took her notebook computer to Best Buy’s Geek Squad, not knowing that at the time that this was a terrible idea. She requested that whatever the geeks did, they were not to remove or back up her hard drive. She signed a waiver stating that she didn’t want her data backed up, and left instructions that they weren’t to do anything with the drive. Perhaps calling this “opposite day” is unfair: the geeks did follow her directions partway. They didn’t back up the drive, but they removed it and replaced it with a new one.

Some time ago I took a Toshiba computer that I had purchased back to
Best Buy because something had gone wrong and it was under warranty.

When I was there I told them that I had had the machine examined and
that I knew it had nothing to do with the hard drive. I told the
service technician that I did not want them to touch my hard drive
that I wanted it left in tact.

The technician told me that Best Buy had a policy of backing up your
hard drive at a cost of $100.00 to the consumer then removing the hard
drive and keeping it for themselves.

I explained that I did not want to pay $100.00 to have my hard drive
backed up nor did I want Best Buy to remove or even touch my hard
drive that I was there to have my computer fixed and that the problem
had nothing to do with the hard drive or the contents on the hard

The technician made me sign a form that said they Best Buy would not
remove my hard drive nor would they charge me the $100 to back it up.

I left it for repair. Upon return of my computer I was told that they,
Best Buy in fact did remove my hard drive and replaced it with one of
their own and they did not back up the data from the original.

I was so disgusted that I have not returned to Best Buy nor will I
ever shop at any of their stores again.

I purchased $1000.00 in electronics from them and had a security
system installed in my RV by them.

Until this incident with my laptop I was going to have them install a
new stereo and speakers in my car but now I am looking for a more
reputable business to do the job, one that I can trust.

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