Do Not Throw Unwanted Water Refills On Your Red Lobster Waitress

There are many ways to tell the restaurant employee who is currently serving your table that you are satisfied with your present quantity of ice water and would not care for a refill. “I don’t need any water, thanks,” you could say when they approach with pitcher in hand. You could shake your head “no” at them if your mouth is crammed full of breaded shrimp. In an informal establishment, you could put a paper napkin on top of your glass. We do not recommend that you follow the lead of three Illinois women, who were charged with attacking their Red Lobster waitress. A witness told the media that the trio expressed their displeasure at too-frequent refills by tossing their ice water on their waitress, then striking her with their hands. And their menus.

It all went down Friday night in the St. Louis suburb. Red Lobster detained the women until police showed up, and they’ve been charged with mob action and aggravated battery in a public place. The waitress declined medical attention: for the physical attack, not for having ice water thrown at her. In December of last year, four customers attacked another waitress at the very same restaurant, and one of them has been charged with similar crimes.

Please be nice when declining water refills.

3 Charged in Attack on Red Lobster Waitress [KMOX]

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