Yet Another Condo Complex Requires Tenants To Provide Doggie DNA

Requiring DNA test for dogs living in condo complexes is now officially a trend, with yet another condo association demanding that canine-owning residents provide samples of their furry friends’ DNA so they can identify those pooches that poop in public.

The complex in Hollywood, FL., along with two other nearby complexes operated by the same management company, join the ranks of these Northern Virginia condominiums and these apartments in Lebanon, NH, that have turned to dog DNA testing to curb the poo problem.

At Hollywood Station Condominium on Hollywood Blvd. and Dixie Hwy, residents will soon have to subject their dogs to DNA tests so their association can track down who’s not picking up after their pets.

“We give notices, we’ve been giving notices,” the manager of the Florida complex tells CBS Miami. “I’ve been here 3 years and really the behavior hasn’t changed.”

Thus, residents with dogs will now need to have their pets’ cheeks swabbed and sent to a lab. And whenever poop is found on complex grounds, someone will have the enviable job of not only picking it up, but sending off a sample for testing. If the doodie DNA matches any of the doggie DNA on file, the owner will be slapped with a fine.

“$150 and then after that I think it goes up a little bit more,” says one tenant. “150 bucks for some poop is a pretty big deal.”

The manager says she she doesn’t want to resort to fines and hopes that owners knowing they will be caught will put an end to the pooping.

“If nothing else, it’s going to change behavior,” she says.

Unlike the Virginia condo, where residents were up in arms about not only having to submit to the testing, but about having to fork over money for the tests, the cost of the DNA tests at the Florida condos will be covered by the $350 deposit pet owners have already put down.

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