There Are More Christmas Decorations For Sale At This Dollar Tree Than Halloween Items

Christmas Creep strikes again, more than four months out from the holiday itself. And this time, it’s maw is gaping so wide, it seems to have swallowed up other upcoming holidays almost completely. Alexander spotted this display at his local Dollar Tree in Michigan earlier this week, noting: “Funny enough, they already had more Christmas decorations for sale than Halloween.  Christmas Creep man… crazy…”

Crazy, indeed, Alexander.

You never know when you’re going to run into an unseasonal blitz of Noel cheer, so why not be prepared for that eventuality? Click here to view, save and print our convenient Consumerist Christmas Creeper guy, and include him in the photo the next time you snap a pic of holiday creep with a spot to fill in your own anger level.

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Only 129 more shopping days before Christmas, everyone.


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