Spot The Problem With This CVS Coupon

Reader SaberTail got a pretty average receipt on a recent trip to CVS: a trailing banner that could, in a pinch, be mistaken for an unspooled roll of toilet paper. We exaggerate only a little. It had three coupons, one of which just contradicts itself out of existence.

I went shopping at CVS today and received this coupon (along with 3 others). My broke student days are behind me, so I have no need to buy cheap booze, let alone make it cheaper. But even if I wanted to use the coupon, I’m not sure they’d let me.

SaberTail didn’t mention which state this CVS is in, but not all states allow coupons for booze. (Here in New York, it’s mail-in rebates or nothing. And you can’t buy vodka in drugstores, either.) A coupon offering, say, 15% off everything can’t be used to buy gift cards, but it’s hard to believe that a coupon for alcohol can’t be used on alcohol. Right?

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