Which Strange Home Remedies Do You Swear By?

I spent the better part of a day last week attempting to keep chicken soup and ginger ale down as my system fought off some mysterious one-day bug. I’d thought about mentioning my illness to my friends on Facebook (I don’t have kids, so what else am I going to post about?) but didn’t want to be inundated with hundreds of tips on sure-fire home-brewed remedies.

The folks at CBS 2 in Chicago took a look at a variety of DIY cures and treatments for a wide range of ailments, like rubbing Crisco on an eczema flare-up, using duct tape to trick your body into fighting off warts, or eating dry sugar to short circuit your hiccups.

They also mention this 2011 Prevention article that looks at other MacGyver-ish remedies, including yogurt for fighting off bad breath, lemon balm tea for treating cold sores, and sucking on a lemon to relieve motion sickness.

We’re guessing there are many, many more home remedies out there and we’d love to hear about them from y’all. So feel free to share your favorites in the comments. And we’d definitely want to hear if you tried a home remedy that had unintended consequences.