Target Apparently Exists In A World Where A 3-Pack Should Cost Twice The Price Of 3 Single Packages

There’s nothing quite like the crazy pricing fun over at Target, and this time things are getting out of control with one of the cheapest food products you can buy. David sent in a tip of some outrageous pricing he found on Ortega taco seasoning, using the Consumerist mobile app.

Just need one package of seasoning? That’ll run you $0.34. Have multiple taco sessions in your future? Perhaps you’d be interested in a three-pack for $2.04? Ah, yes. There’s the fuzzy math we’ve come to know so well.

See, if you were to grab three individual packages of Ortega seasoning, you’d pay just $1.02. That must be some pretty expensive cardboard packaging on the three-pack, because buying it costs double the three singles, at $2.04.


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