Police: Walmart Worker Followed Suspected Shoplifter Out, Hit Him With Car

A month ago in Houston, a high school student briefly considered committing a crime. He grabbed some DVDs and headed for the door. He says that he changed his mind near the door and left almost-ill-gotten goods behind in the store. That didn’t stop a store employee from following him out of the store as he walked home, then intentionally hitting him with his car. The teen suffered back injuries, and the driver is longer employed at Walmart. He’s also in jail with a $30,000 bond, charged with aggravated assault.

The attempted shoplifter/victim says that the driver got out of the car and ordered him to never return to the store. Incidentally, around the time of the accident, store surveillance video caught the employee leaving the store, driving off in a red four-door vehicle, and then return about ten minutes later. That just happens to be the same kind of car that the victim claims hit him.

What made the employee go all Heisenberg on the kid’s ass over a few DVDs? We don’t know yet. It’s a definite overreaction.

Police: Walmart employee intentionally runs over customer [KPRC]

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