Tim Hortons Coffee Pods Hitting A Kitchen Near You In Deal With Kraft

Tim Hortons is brewing up a scheme to boost its sales and up the amount of its coffee you’re able to guzzle on a daily basis. The Canadian company has hooked up with Kraft’s Tassimo single-cup coffee makers and will be offering pods (known as T-discs) of its coffee for consumption at your leisure.

The machines and coffee will be sold in physical Tim Hortons restaurants as well as online. As they call it up there in Canada, Tims will be up against stiff competition, notes Reuters, as Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig machines dominate the market and pack a powerful caffeinated punch in the United States.

The company seems content with its partnership with Tassimo, ohowever, noting that it’s a fast-growing brand in North America, with more than 950,000 brewers sold in Canada.

Offering new products is one of Tim Hortons’ strategies to boost its sales and lure more customers through its doors. The company is also trying out new espresso drinks and introducing different drink sizes, as McDonald’s is nipping at its heels in Canada. McD’s has been battling Tims by pushing its coffee more and more, which could seriously cut into Tim Hortons’ business. It currently claims 8 out of every 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada.

Tim Hortons’ Canadian traffic ebbs, shares slide [Reuters]


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  1. Kat says:

    Finally, I can start getting my Double Doubles again! So happy.

  2. Umph says:

    How about this: open more stores south of the border!!! Chicago is dying for a Tim Hortons or 5 to open up here. Please.

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Tim Horton’s coffee is addictive.

  4. Chuft-Captain says:

    So it will be the same Kraft subsidiary coffee, with a new name, as usual. Good job watering down your brand.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Since Canada and the US import different kinds of coffee beans, the Tim Hortons coffee you get in the US wouldn’t be the same as it is in Canada anyway. It’s still pretty good.

  5. Cerne says:

    Do any of those coffee pods systems produce a product you’d actually want to drink yet?

    • MaytagRepairman is stealing socks while fixing your dryer. says:

      Not really. The coffee is average but not great even when you get one of those mesh cups that allow you to put in your own coffee. I usually buy a French Roast box of pods because the darker flavor makes me forget I’m drinking from something made from a pod.

      My first machine died after a couple of years. I couldn’t fix it even after watching numerous videos on common problems with them. The second one I bought is smaller but only makes one-sized cup of coffee. I bought the second one because I was stuck with about 100 pods that I was gong to have to toss or give away.

      The only reason I originally started using pods is because my wife doesn’t drink coffee and I just drink it at home on the weekends. I am also too stupid to take a ten-cup machine and only use it to make 2-cups which is either wasteful or makes me as jittery as a squirrel depending on if I drink it all or not.

    • NoWhammies10 says:

      Tassimo has a Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate up here North of the border. For someone who isn’t a coffee person, it’s a great alternative.

  6. _Rand_ says:

    Anyone know if you can use Tassimo disks with Keurig systems through a adapter of some sort?

    I know they exist for other systems.

    • MinervaAutolycus says:

      No, they’re so differently shaped that there’s no way one could fit inside the other and still keep the vacuum for brewing. I actually have both machines (won the Tassimo in a Facebook sweepstakes) and the Tassimo is good for brewing lattes and cappuccinos and the Keruig is best for straight coffee. I use the Keruig at work, the Tassimo at home. But I usually French-press my commute coffee.

    • GirlWithGloves says:

      Keurig sells a reusable kcup, made of plastic. Buy that and the tassimo pods, break open pods and dump in reusable k cup, voila! Or if you can just buy Tim Horton’s ground coffee and put that into the reusable kcup, you get an even better value.

    • laurakat says:

      No, Tassimo discs are much wider than a Keurig and I can’t see how you would adapt that.

  7. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    I live on the Canadian border.

    Tim’s Horton’s coffee is moose pee.

    Thank you.

  8. dozerdude says:

    Meh. I live in Canuckistan. Tim’s is ordinary coffee with a good PR agent.

  9. reybo says:

    Is there some payola going on here? There’s not a plausible reason in the free world for this PR story to be picked up by consumerist.

  10. rdm says:

    The way Tassimo disks were disappearing from stores 6 months ago (not selling out – just going away totally), we bailed and moved to Keurig. Interesting..