Computer That Touches Itself Comes Back From Dell In Worse Shape, Michael Dell Swoops In

Remember Travis, the college-bound student whose touchscreen Dell laptop keeps moving the mouse pointer around on the screen, among other problems? When we last heard from him a week ago, he was waiting for the computer to return to him from Dell’s repair depot after two in-home tech visits, and he hoped the problems would be fixed. They weren’t. All Dell did was replace the wireless card. So he turned to the advice we gave in the post, and wrote to Michael Dell. This got him a new laptop for his trouble.

We’re sure being featured here on the site had nothing to do with it.

Thanks to your tips on this post When I got home I inspected my notebook and found they did not repair the screen or even attempted to fix the touchscreen, headphone jack, or bluetooth. They only replaced the wireless card and somehow made bluetooth worse, disconnecting everything every few minutes, sluggish mouse (takes 10+ seconds to move my mouse a inch) and slower then normal wifi.

I sent Michael dell an email and within 4 hours I got a call from Dell. They asked for the serial number and looked up the case and basically said that since it started from the beginning and each time it wasn’t fixed then they will issue a rare laptop replacement.

When you can get his office to intercede, the Great Michael Dell and his staff do offer kindness to customers who find themselves consigned to Dell Hell. Can’t mak Dell’s regular customer service and tech support peeps see reason? Write to Mr. Dell.

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