Amazon's 1-Day Kindle Shipping Takes At Least A Week

Reese had this strange idea in her head. She thought that because she paid Amazon $20 for one-day shipping on her Kindle, it would take one day for the Kindle to be delivered to her. Maybe two, if she placed the order really late that day. Not so fast! Amazon’s site helpfully told her that it would take anywhere from six to eleven days for her order to show up, because the Kindle was evidently on backorder. Wait, that’s not what she paid extra for!

She writes:

So yesterday [August 2nd] I bought a brand new Kindle Touch from and paid $19.99 for 1 day shipping. I was so excited that I wanted it as soon as possible. I receive an email stating that my Kindle will reach me between Aug 8th and Aug 13th.

I call to ask why I paid for 1 day shipping if it was going to take almost a week to reach me. The service rep was short with me and told me that I have to account for the time it takes to get to them from the distributor. I thought Amazon was the distributor. The only resolution I was offered was to switch to free shipping and wait 2 weeks for my new Kindle. I feel ripped off. I spend a lot of money on books every month. Amazon does not care! I’m tempted to just cancel this order and find a new eReader.

At least they were willing to do that much. We’re actually surprised that Amazon didn’t proactively refund her one-day shipping. Maybe they thought customers wouldn’t notice.

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