Needle Found In Sandwich Aboard Air Canada Flight Is Really Putting Us Off Prepackaged Food

Two weeks after a couple of Delta Air Lines passengers claimed to have bitten into sandwiches containing sewing needles, with an additional four needles also discovered in that time period, an Air Canada passenger says there was a sewing needle in a prepackaged sandwich aboard a flight from Victoria, Canada to Toronto. Is there a busy sewer out there accidentally dropping his or her tools, or what?

“Safety is always our top priority so we are taking this matter very seriously,” an Air Canada spokesperson wrote in an email, according to the Toronto Star. “We immediately contacted the caterers that provision our flights, and a full investigation is under way.”

It’s unclear which catering company the airline works with, but the spokesman said the airline hadn’t had any other reports so far of similar incidents, and will cooperate with police as they investigate the matter. “We are working closely with our caterers to ensure heightened security measures have been put in place,” he added.

The six needles found aboard Delta flights two weeks ago were prepared by Gate Gourmet, which is one of the largest airline caterers out there. The Toronto Star points out that Gate Gourmet’s parent company owns a leading Canadian airline caterer, Cara Airline Solutions, as of 2010. At that time, one of Cara’s big customers was Air Canada.

I think I’ll stick with the free bag of pretzels from now on, just in case.

Needle found in sandwich served on Air Canada flight [Toronto Star]


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  1. Invader Zim says:

    Another fancy sewing kit gone misunderstood.

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Nothing about this article shows why this is putting us off prepackaged food.

  3. Costner says:

    Could be legit… or it could be someone acting like a copycat as they look for a massive payday via lawsuit. Reminds me of the woman at Wendy’s who put a finger in her chili and claimed it was there all along.

    Hope they find the source on these, it really is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  4. bite back says:

    “Is there a busy sewer out there accidentally dropping his or her tools, or what?”

    Seamstress or a tailor, perhaps?
    A sewer transports sewage.

  5. yankinwaoz says:

    I once found a needle in a pack or tortillas. Some major national brand.. I can’t remember. So I called them up.

    They were really nice. The told me that they pass the product under a magnetic detector as the last step in the factory to find things like this. She suspected it was slipped in at the store. But I could not find any punctures in the plastic.

    I mailed off the needle and package and they sent me a couple of nice cookbooks.

  6. oldwiz65 says:

    Leads to new dimensions in crappy airline food.

  7. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I just bring my own food on the plane. Usually buy the time I’ve paid for a ticket, I can’t afford to eat.

  8. Cal says:

    It won’t be long to see magnetometers installed in each airplane’s galley. Nothing like watching the FA’s scanning each item of food to insure no imbedded metal is secreted in a sandwich/meal.

  9. Emily says:

    My (ungrounded) hunch is that this isn’t intentional, but the result of some accident at the food processing plant. Could they be basting needles or roasting pins for the meat?