Disabled Vet Says United Employees Kicked His Service Dog, Asked Him If He Was Retarded

The founder of a group that places service dogs with disabled vets says he went through a 48-hour ordeal at Dulles airport outside Washington, D.C., this week and that not only did United Airlines employees kick his service dog twice, but one staffer actually insulted him in public.

In a detailed YouTube video posted earlier today, Paws and Stripes’ Jim Staneck claims that the first kick happened while he was in line at the ticket counter. An employee walked by and was startled by Jim’s service dog, which allegedly led to a light kick to the dog’s ribcage.

Rather than cause a scene, Jim said he let the incident go.

His flight was then delayed and ultimately cancelled because of mechanical delays, meaning a second day at the airport, where he had originally only intended to spend a short time making his connecting flight.

While riding a shuttle during his second say of fun at Dulles, Jim says that a second, startled United staffer kicked his service dog, this time with some substantial force.

“[He] kicked her so hard on the rib cage, that she flew into my lap… He said he was afraid of dogs,” Jim tells KOAT-TV.

Things only got worse when Jim, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has a traumatic brain injury, had difficulty reading a confirmation e-mail on his phone and asked a United representative to assist him.

“He said, ‘Just read it’ and I said, ‘Sir I can’t read it,’ and he said, ‘What are you retarded?'” recalls Jim. “Prior to this I told him I have a brain injury and PTSD, I’m a disabled vet, this is my second night here; I need help.”

Jim says he would like to talk to the CEO of United just to discuss the proper way to handle both disabled customers and their service animals.


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  1. jimigsu says:

    Those screeners should be shot in both legs. I have a blind friend and we have enough to deal with in hotels, weddings, and taking trains. Plus you are kicking a well trained dog, come kick my dog big boy, he is too stupid to know to sit without your blood in his mouth. *internet tough guy mode is now on*

  2. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I have been steamed about this since I read it last week. What an ass. I am continually amazed at how terrible people can act toward other human beings. I try to be a kind person, but stories like this make me want to track this ass down and just pound him.

    If you are afraid of dogs, you do not kick a dog. I am afraid of clowns. I mean, hands sweating, heart racing, flight or fight response afraid of clowns. I would not kick a clown. I tell the clown to back off and I remove myself from the situation. I know, irrational, but that’s just how I am.

    This United employee should be fired, immediately. No unemployment, nothing. And this incident should be noted on his permanent record with the airline, and they should disclose it if any other airline calls looking for references. As far as I’m concerned, he can go work at a car wash.

    rant over

  3. Rexy does not like the new system says:

    Phuck those employees. I’d like to kick them in the ribs and then test just how strong their jaws are.

  4. Press1forDialTone says:

    The screeners should have been fired on the spot, issued out the door
    by airport security and then shot in the temple by black ops personnel
    from ASPCA (or anyone carrying a gun nearby) for hurting the dog.
    The disabled person should have been given free first-class airfare
    for him and a friend for a year by United (including the dog) and his
    story should have gone on all the major news feeds and television
    and stayed in the 24 hour news cycle for a week until United management
    issued a video apology to the world.
    Sick bastards.

  5. eb0nyknight says:

    I believe it. I travel a lot for work and Dulles is where I fly out of. Just as often as not, I have either been treated rudely or watch someone treated rudely by United staff at check in.

    I must admit, this takes the cake, though.