Fortysomethings Are The Worst Age Group When It Comes To Paying Back Student Loans

The group most likely to get in trouble when it comes to paying back student loans could very well have kids ready to set off on  college careers of their own right now: Fortysomethings have the worst delinquency rates of all the age groups currently paying back loans.

The Federal Reserve bank of New York says 11.9% of people ages 40 to 49 have fallen behind on payments by 90 days or more. We’re all having a tough time with debt, but those in their 40s are the only ones with a double-digit delinquency rate, points out the Los Angeles Times.

Compare that almost 12% rate with 9.1% for those in their 30s, 9.4% for fiftysomethings and 9.5% for anyone older than 60. Those still in their 20s are cruising along at 6.2%, probably because many are still deferring payment on some of their loans.

The Fed didn’t offer any clue as to why there’s such a difference between those in their 40s and the rest of us. It could just be that they are paying for their kids’ educations while trying to save for retirement, pay household bills and mortgages and all the other various and sundry money-suckers.

This has been the case for fortysomethings since at least 2005, so it shouldn’t be too surprising for those trying to pay off loans. The good news is the deliquency rate is down from its 13.1% level from 2010 to 2011.

Student-loan delinquency rate is highest for those in their 40s [Los Angeles Times]

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