TSA Flags Man With World’s Largest Penis For Additional Crotch Screening

Jonah Falcon of New York City is an actor and hosts a public-access show about the Yankees, but he isn’t famous for that. He’s famous for a quirk of nature: he has the largest recorded penis in the world. He’s appeared on lots of talk shows and even in a documentary, but evidently his fame hasn’t reached the TSA workers at San Francisco International Airport. There, the large bulge in his pants caught the notice of a guard, who presumed it was some kind of weapon. He was subjected to a (brisk and professional) extra patdown and tested for explosive residue.

“I’m just gonna wear bike shorts from now on,” he told the Huffington Post. “That way, they’ll know. You’d think the San Francisco TSA would have had experience with hung guys before, but I guess not.”

Falcon, for his part, doesn’t want much out of this incident. He just wants to turn his notoriety into a visit to Kabletown:

Well, “30 Rock” storylines are often based on the real-life experiences of its stars. Combine this with a storyline involving Alec Baldwin’s Words With Friends incident, set the whole thing in an airport, and sit back for comedy gold. Or is that just too predictably self-aware and dull? This is why I’m not a TV writer.

And the answer to your question is nine inches flaccid, twelve and a half inches erect.

Jonah Falcon, Man With World’s Largest Penis, Frisked By TSA At California Airport [Huffington Post] (Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)


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  1. Mark says:

    I am not sure of what his problem, should I feel sorry for his plight? Most guys would be proud and pull it out to how it off at a drop of a dime if we all had what he calls a “hardship,” and a problem.

    Funny thing is that’s all my girlfriend talks about when is name is even mentioned or a guy even looks like Jonah “MOBY DICK” Falcon.

    ON the bright side he’s a shower not much of a grower…….: (

    • dks64 says:

      I don’t understand why many guys are envious of giant penises. You really think most girls would be impressed with something that would cause major discomfort and tearing?

  2. DerangedHermit says:

    He won’t actually appear on 30 Rock, he’ll appear on 30″ Rock-Hard.