Masco Cabinetry Takes Over Support For Closed Company, Replaces Their Crappy Cabinet Doors For Free

The cabinets that Debbie bought from Home Depot a decade ago haven’t aged very well. She saw on the original paperwork that the ones she has came with a “lifetime guarantee”…. but that’s nonsense, right? She looked them up anyway, just in case. It turned out that the company that made her cabinets, Mills Pride, closed a few years ago. That’s too bad. But a different company starting with M, Masco Cabinetry, took over customer support for Mills Pride’s old customers. Debbie called them up and, to her astonishment, learned that Masco would replace the worn-out doors that they didn’t even manufacture in the first place.

I had such a great interaction with Masco Cabinetry, that I felt
compelled to let others know of my experience.

I had purchased Mills Pride cabinets approximately 10 (yes, TEN) years
ago from Home Depot. The cabinets did not wear well, but I lived with
them nonetheless. As I have been slowly renovating my apartment, I was
considering purchasing new cabinet doors and so I searched for the
original receipt to see the cost, model, size, etc.

When looking at the receipt, I noticed that the cabinet doors came
with a lifetime guarantee, so I thought that before purchasing new
doors I should at least try to get in touch with Mills Pride.

As it turns out, Mills Pride closed its doors in 2009, so I thought I
was out of luck, but a few Google searches led me to Masco Cabinetry,
who took over customer care for Mills Pride. I was connected to [M]
(a tremendously helpful and patient customer service representative),
who simply asked what the issue was with the cabinets. She then
requested that i fax her my original receipt.

The very next day, upon receipt of my fax, [M] emailed me to say that
my cabinets were indeed covered by a lifetime guarantee, and she would
be more than happy to replace the doors …all at no charge.

I am thrilled with Masco Cabinetry’, and cannot recommend them highly
enough. I consider this to be the best customer service I’ve had in

It is extremely rare these days to find a company that will not only
take care of an issue from 10 years ago, but honor a warranty from a
company that has gone out of business. Way to go, Masco!

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