You Might Want To Skip Any Airline Not On This List Of Those Who Serve Free Booze

The good news is some very discerning minds have gone ahead and done the hard work of assembling a list of airlines that serve free alcohol on in economy class. The bad news is that you’re mostly out of luck when it comes to flights in the U.S. Sigh.

There are fees for everything these days — from carrying on bags on some airlines to getting a window seat on others. It’s good to know, then, that there are some airlines that won’t mind giving you a nice little perk. Of course, you should drink responsibly no matter if you’re paying for alcohol or not.

Travel blog Map Happy has a great, fairly comprehensive list outlining what seems to be almost every airline ever, including whether the carrier has free drinks on both domestic and international flights.

So far as U.S. airlines go: Delta has free beer and wine on International flights longer than six hours and American Airlines gives out beer and wine on flights between the U.S. and Europe, Asia and certain countries in South America.

Doesn’t look like any carriers in our country serve free drinks on domestic flights, which isn’t shocking. But as I’ve learned, you can always ask nicely with a smile and slip in that you have a crippling fear of flying. You never know when a kindly flight attendant will take pity on you.

Check out the source link for the complete list.

The Ultimate List of Airlines That Serve Free Alcohol [Map Happy]

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