Should DirecTV Customers Get Refunds For Going Without Viacom Channels?

It’s one day into the standoff between DirecTV and Viacom and neither side is showing signs of backing down (though, the way these things go, they could be kissing and making up within the hour). In the meantime, millions of DirecTV customers have to go to their friends’ houses to watch Teen Mom reruns. So what’s the satellite company doing to make up for the 26 missing channels?

“We’re working with our customers on an individual basis to make sure they are satisfied and helping them find alternative ways to view their favorite shows,” a DirecTV rep tells Consumerist, “as well as providing suggestions on what other similar programming is available.”

And at least according to this page on a DirecTV-operated site about the dispute, customers will get access to all 8 Encore movie channels through July 31.

The rep has confirmed to Consumerist that the free Encore will continue until July 31 even if the Viacom blackout ends before that date.

Regardless, we wanted to get your opinion on whether or not DirecTV customers deserve some sort of refund/credit for the lack of Viacom stations:

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