Compliance Officer Surprises Homeowner By Breaking In To Deliver Ticket Over Uncut Grass

Being dedicated to your job is one thing, but there’s quite a distinct line between doing your duty and breaking the law. A county compliance officer in Georgia needed to serve a violation notice on a resident for having grass that was too long in her yard. But instead of waiting until she woke up, he decided to just let himself on in.

The resident said she was sound asleep when the county officer came by and was totally freaked out to wake up and find a strange man in her house telling her what to do.

“He let himself in and actually came through the house and into my bedroom. And yelled at me to wake me up, to let me know that I needed to come back outside and sign the violation notice,” she told “I woke up, I didn’t have my glasses on or my contacts in and all I see is this big burly figure standing in my doorway. A big huge guy with a grey shirt. It scared the mess out of me.”

She called the Sheriff’s Office to file a complaint, and the man’s boss says he’s aware of the situation and is investigating. The compliance manager added that his officers cannot enter someone’s home without their permission, even with probable cause.

She caught the whole thing on tape, thanks to a home surveillance system, and says she feels her privacy was invaded by the county.

“I could have been coming fresh out of the shower. I mean, if I’m not answering the door, maybe it’s because I can’t hear you because I’m in the shower,” she said, adding that she would also worry about officers walking into an unsafe situation. Hey, she could’ve been an armed and dangerous person!

She knows she has to cut the grass in her yard, however, and says she’s working on getting her lawnmower fixed.

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