Dress Like A Cow On July 13, Get Free Chick-Fil-A

Friday the 13th is probably not the day that some would want to test their luck by slapping on a cow costume and going out in public. But if you want free food from Chick-fil-A, it’s the risk you’ll have to take.

Once again, the fast food chain is dangling free food to customers willing to make at least partial asses cows out of themselves.

To get a full meal (entree, side, beverage), you’ll need to bust out that same head-to-toe costume you used to steal 26 gallons of milk from the Walmart.

If you’re — pun alert — too chicken to go full-cow, you’ll get partial credit (in the form of a free entree) for sporting something cow-ish.

We’re guessing just wearing leather shoes does not count. And we don’t recommend stealing the restaurant’s topiary cow.

If you’re not terribly creative — or you think the idea of buying something cow-like just to save a few bucks on fast food is, well… silly — the chain has a “Cow Starter Kit” PDF that lets you print out your own paper costume.

And anyone who wants to stake out their local Chick-fil-A to add photos to the Consumerist Flickr Pool, we can offer you our everlasting affection and appreciation.

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