Dress Like A Cow On July 13, Get Free Chick-Fil-A

Friday the 13th is probably not the day that some would want to test their luck by slapping on a cow costume and going out in public. But if you want free food from Chick-fil-A, it’s the risk you’ll have to take.

Once again, the fast food chain is dangling free food to customers willing to make at least partial asses cows out of themselves.

To get a full meal (entree, side, beverage), you’ll need to bust out that same head-to-toe costume you used to steal 26 gallons of milk from the Walmart.

If you’re — pun alert — too chicken to go full-cow, you’ll get partial credit (in the form of a free entree) for sporting something cow-ish.

We’re guessing just wearing leather shoes does not count. And we don’t recommend stealing the restaurant’s topiary cow.

If you’re not terribly creative — or you think the idea of buying something cow-like just to save a few bucks on fast food is, well… silly — the chain has a “Cow Starter Kit” PDF that lets you print out your own paper costume.

And anyone who wants to stake out their local Chick-fil-A to add photos to the Consumerist Flickr Pool, we can offer you our everlasting affection and appreciation.


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  1. TrustAvidity says:

    I’m sure the commenters will milk this for all its worth.

    • Coffee says:

      As long as they don’t have a gay old time. We are talking about Chick-Fil-A, after all.

      • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

        Way to break the pun string before it starts….

        • Coffee says:

          Oh…I’m sorry…their politics are “bull” shit, and until they are sufficiently cowed, I will not hoof it over to Chick-Fil-A and eat delicious chikenz.

  2. crispyduck13 says:

    Just be sure not to dress up as a gay cow, or you’ll get nothing and like it.

  3. dush says:

    This promotion is udderly insane.

  4. CelticWhisper says:

    Stating it plainly: Chick-Fil-A donates large sums of money to anti-LGBT “charities” and otherwise discriminates against non-heterosexual people.

    I will not support their business until these conditions are changed.


    • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

      Your indignation is noted.

    • longfeltwant says:

      That explains why my dad likes it so much. I knew it couldn’t be the chicken.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I won’t either. Too many friends who are gay to justify it. No matter how delicious the chicken is.

      • MarkFL says:

        Yes, it is very good. If only we could get hold of the recipe. We could distribute it through the city..drop it from planes. You’re through, Truett. Pack it up. No more nuggets for you….NEXT!

    • tbax929 says:

      As a gay woman, I had boycotted them for a long time. I admit, I’d been slipping lately and had eaten there a couple of times over the past four months with my girlfriend, who loves their nuggets. But the latest news reminded me that I need to stand firmer for what I believe in. I showed her the last story, and she’s on board. So we’re both boycotting them now.

      I’m sure they’ll miss the $10 or so we were spending there every couple of months, but I just can’t solicit them any longer.

    • Gnuwave says:

      I concur.

  5. Baphomet73 says:

    Dress like the FSB, get kicked out.

  6. Such an Interesting Monster says:

    Do get extra if I dress up as a bigoted homophobic cow?

  7. ReverendLoki says:

    This makes me want to get a mob dressed in rainbow colored gay-pride cow garb and march in for free food (never spending a dime!)

    Oh, and the chant: “We’re Steer! We’re Queer! Get used to it!”

    /Hail Eris

    • MarkFL says:

      You must be from Oklahoma.

      • ReverendLoki says:


        Wait, you mean Texas?



        • MarkFL says:

          Depends on the movie. In Full Metal Jacket it was Texas; in Officer and a Gentleman it was Oklahoma. But O&G came first.

          • ReverendLoki says:

            Yeah, later I looked it up… had never seen Officer and a Gentlemen. Apparently Arizona is also a valid location.

            Still, hard to believe the delivery in O&G is on par with R. Lee Ermey’s…

            • MarkFL says:

              In and of itself, I would agree. But keep in mind, in O&G, it was Lou Gossett, Jr.

              The story I heard was that Ermey was hired to coach the actor who was supposed to play the drill sergeant, until the producers realized, why pay a drill sergeant to coach an actor to be a drill seargeant when you can just get the drill sergeant to be himself?

    • AnonymousCitizen says:

      You do realize that a steer has been, well, altered by removing its, um…er..

      You know where rocky mountain oysters come from, right?

      • MarkFL says:

        Gives me a whole new perspective on the Texas Longhorns.

        Yes, I know where rocky mountain oysters are from, but I wish I didn’t.

  8. Nobby says:

    If they ran this promotion every day, I work with MANY women who would eat free every day and never, ever know why. They’d never catch on that it’s because of their cow-like appearance. They’d think the food was free because the cashier or manager likes them or something.

  9. BigDragon says:

    I expect to see Tauren cosplayers invading all the local Chick-Fil-A locations around me. Isn’t Otakon coming up soon? This will be a great people-watching opportunity while I’m munching waffle fries!

  10. kathygnome says:

    Donations to hate groups taste really really foul.

  11. bukkler says:

    So if I live in the west and dress like a cow, they’ll mail me a couple sammiches? I do miss them.

  12. ironflange says:

    It will take a lot more than this to get me in one of their places. A complete change of ownership to a non-lunatic would be a good first step.

  13. Tallanvor says:

    Yeah… Even showing up and getting free food would be supporting them as far as I’m concerned, and I’m not willing to do that. As long as their management maintains their stance against equality, I’m not eating there even when I’m in a town that has a Chick-full-of-crap.

  14. toolverine says:

    II won’t be stepping foot into any of their locations until they realize the anti-gay stance needs to go.

  15. Anony says:

    It’s not only their bullshit Hate-group policies I detest, it’s the anti-small business stance they convey in this story.
    BTW, the number of Chick-Fil-A stores in Vermont = Zero

  16. Maz says:

    It also comes down to expenses. My 16 years older brother commented on how back in the 70s, you didn’t need to expend on a car as a necessity as much as you do to work these days. You didn’t need a computer, or the Internet or even cable television. Noticeable shift in the 80s towards a society that needs to expend a little more to function as well as before hand.

  17. nopirates says:

    yeah, but it will be bigoted, homophobic, jesus-freak chicken

  18. do-it-myself says:

    I get coupons for free food there all the time. As much as I’d like to get free food, I don’t support this bigoted restaurant in anyway. I’d rather burn the coupons on their lawn on Sundays.

  19. Gnuwave says:

    So, seriously, why is Consumerist promoting/shilling for an anti-gay hate corporation on their site?