What Are The Most Inane Ad Slogans Ever?

It’s hot as heck-fire here in the Mid-Atlantic, so we’ve been spending a lot of time inside with the air-conditioning, watching all the great summer TV offerings — and rolling our eyes at the ads that are constantly hurled in our direction.

One spot that recently caught our attention and whose logic turned our brains inside-out is the Ruby Tuesday ad that asks, “What if there was a place where eating felt more like dining?”

You mean like a restaurant?

Or a dining hall?

Or a dining room?

Regardless, it brought up the topic of inane ad slogans, and we wanted to get the Consumerist hive-mind opinion on what y’all consider to be the most baffling slogans ever.

Just a quick survey around Consumerist HQ came up with a few, like:
Hilton: “Travel should take you places.”
Maxwell House: “Good just got great.”
Wendy’s: “You know when it’s real.”

And this one, which is more of a flat-out lie than a slogan–
Verizon: We never stop working for you”

Anyway, amuse yourself, each other and us by sharing your thoughts in the comments on the most inane advertising slogans ever.