Pet Supplies Plus Finds Your Lost Coupons, Sends Them Home

M.’s wife is a couponer, and carries a carefully organized folder full of coupons when she shops. To a serious couponer, this is as valuable as one’s wallet. She lost it while out shopping one day, but it found its way back to her. A manager at the Pet Supplies Plus store where she had left it behind found it, and instead of tossing it, found a coupon with her address on it and mailed it back.

M. writes:

I wanted to pass along a positive experience, this one with our local Pet Supplies Plus (since positive experiences seem to be so few and far between). My wife lost her coupon accordion folder two weeks back. As with most coupon clippers, the organized according folder of savings is the holy grail of couponing. An assistant manager dedicated an extra few minutes and $3.48 in postage to return my wife’s coupon file to her and we are grateful she did! Thank you!


Here’s what the note says:

Hi [M’s wife],

I’m the assistant manager at Pet Supplies Plus in [redacted.] I was cleaning our office up yesterday and came across this coupon file. After a little looking, I found your address on a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon. Maybe you left it in your cart by accident?

I just wanted to make sure you got it back – I know coupon-clipping can be a lot of work (but it’s worth it!) 🙂



PSP [redacted]

Yay, manager! A few minutes of kindness and a few dollars can go surprisingly far.

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