I Paid My Bill In Person, Suddenlink Doesn’t Believe Me

E. knows that he paid his Suddenlink (ISP/cable) bill, but Suddenlink doesn’t. Which is interesting, because he physically went to one of their offices, wrote a check that left a carbon copy, and paid the bill. You would think that this would be a sufficient evidence trail for Suddenlink. It was not.

2 months in a row now Suddenlink (internet cable service) has not posted my monthly payment in my online bill statement and added late penalties. I have paid in person at the local office every month since start of service. My checks make carbon copies and the bank shows the checks cleared each time. Last month it took nearly an hour of phone haggling (over 10 minute wait just to reach an attendant) to get it corrected. This month took about the same using their online chat (again over 10minute wat to connect) and the attendant [redacted] was callous, even when I informed her I was on disability!

This being the 2nd month in a row for such a high tech company to cause me such stress, I am beginning to feel it is trying to defraud me while seeming to be a mistake. I asked for a credit to cover my time lost dealing with their problem and was denied also. I bet they would deny ME service if I just let it go and didn’t pay the extra charges! What Vogons!

The company’s less likely , and more likely to be a problem with the data input at the local office where E. pays his bills in person. Do they offer payment confirmations or receipts? If not, explain the problem to the person taking payment and make sure everything is noted correctly.

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