Waitress Says She Was Fired For Balking At Skimpy New Outfits

After several years of working at an L.A.-area bar, a woman says she was fired when she refused to wear the skimpy outfits that the new manager said were now required for female employees.

The woman, who recently filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful termination and sexual harassment, says that when the new manager started, all the female waitresses were told to wear skimpy schoolgirl-style skirts.

“It wasn’t fair to me, it wasn’t fair to the other girls who were working there,” she tells KTLA-TV. “Everyone was offended by it. Nobody wanted to do it, but unfortunately, jobs are hard to come by right now and some people were stuck.”

From The Daily Bruin:

She alleges that [the owner] objectified the women on staff by forcing them to wear revealing uniforms as a way to increase the bar’s profits… [S]he feared that drunk customers could easily tear off the short, plaid skirt – secured only by Velcro – that female workers were required to wear as part of the bar’s dress code. When [she] demonstrated how difficult it was to bend over in the short skirt, [the manager] allegedly said “Oh yeah!” in a sexually suggestive manner, the suit states.

Her lawyer says that his client did give the new look a try for a few days, but when she decided not to wear it, “her hours were cut… She was not given the same shifts that would allow her to gain good tips and income and then she was terminated.”

The lawyer for the bar claims that the woman was not fired but quit.

Former worker files lawsuit against Westwood bar O’Hara’s [Daily Bruin]
Waitress Sues Westwood Bar Over Skimpy Outfit [KTLA]


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  1. Sorta Kinda Lucky Soul says:

    Why just female employees — gotta love a guy in a short skirt (helps separate the men from the boys!)

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    As a way to compensate the women for their pain and suffering,
    the bar manager had bundling boards installed in all of their beds.

  3. Costner says:

    I always wondered about places that tend to focus on attractive staff… what happens if a server at Hooters decides she doesn’t want to wear the skin tight shirts and shorts? I’m sure it happens, but when a restaurant has a reputation for attractive servers in skimpy outfits it sort of goes against the concept.

    Then again I’m sure the women figure out pretty quick that the more skin they show, the better the tips are, so maybe his problem generally works itself out.

    I’ve only been at a Hooters two or three times in my life, and one time I do recall one of the servers wearing a baggy shirt… but she had a very valid reason for doing so considering she was probably seven months pregnant. Yet she was still sporting the skimpy shorts… gotta love dedication.

    • valthun says:

      The difference is that Hooters was designed with those outfits as the standard uniform. That’s it’s thing. So it’s pretty much if you don’t want to wear the Hooter’s uniform you don’t apply to work at Hooter’s.

      This seems to be more of a case where a new manager decided it wanted to change to a uniform that isn’t even practical for serving staff. It also seems this is years after being a no uniform.

  4. corridor7f says:

    Uh – you don’t like it, don’t work there.

    There are hundreds of other women who would take her place. Maybe I’m desensitized, but most bars downtown have scantily-clad waitresses – the Irish / English themed pubs tend to favor the kilts.

    The manager making a comment about it when she bent down.. that’s the real story here.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      Uh – you don’t like it, don’t work there.

      How can you even say that here. It’s not like she walked into a Hooters for a job and then stopped wearing the uniform. According to the article (did you RTFA?) it was a normal, non-sexytime establishment and everything was just fine until some disgusting prick took over the place and demanded the female staff wear skimpy new ‘uniforms.’

      • longfeltwant says:

        Yes, that’s what it’s saying. The bar changed from a non-sexy bar to a sexy bar. Sometimes that happens. If your job duties change in a way that you don’t like, you are entitled to biatch about it as much as you want and make the new policies look stupid; but you aren’t entitled to the old policies. This woman is entitled to her opinion, to her outrage, to her attempts to convince the internet to be outraged; but not to a lawsuit.

        • bwcbwc says:

          Except that changing the workplace to be a “sexy bar” from a non-sexy bar could easily afoul of sexual harrassment laws, either at state or federal level. I can see possible cause for a lawsuit on grounds of a “hostile workplace” or under retaliation for refusing the new “uniform”. IANAL, but I doubt you are either.

      • edman007 says:

        What is a hooters though? For bars scantilty clad women is very common, are you saying that it should be illegal? As far as I’m concerned it sounds like this place got a new manager and he decided that the resturaunt should change it’s theme, in the direction of hooters. And I don’t think you can claim it’s a “non-sexytime establishment”, where do you draw the line? Hooters isn’t a stip club, do they count? I know MANY bars are known for their good looking bartender, it’s common to many bars, and making a uniform change like that isn’t a huge thing for anything but the most upscale places.

        This is one of the huge problems I see with the discrimination laws, sex sells, strip clubs exist, should it be illegal to take advantage of that? I can’t wait for a dozen 400lb men to sue a strip club for not letting them take over the place and dance, thus killing the buisness. I understand it for office type jobs with no interaction with customers, but a waitress is in sales, if your main competition is hooters and that is the crowd you want at your place then maybe you should compete on a level field, with scantitly clad women, it’s does affect your buisness, saying otherwise is ignoring the facts.

        • RandomHookup says:


          Same old “slippery slope” arguments. A 400 pound man isn’t qualified to do a job at a strip club (unless that’s what management wants). He might sue, but it wouldn’t go anywhere.

          A couple of points… One, it sounds like she was sexually harassed by her boss. Two, the terms and conditions of her employment changed AFTER she started working there. That may be perfectly legal, but that’s for the courts to decide.

          • Kabusted says:

            It doesn’t matter if the terms and conditions change. It’s still at-will. You stay, you accept the changes. You leave because you don’t.

          • Bladerunner says:

            One is bad (though if there’s only that one comment, it’s a pretty flimsy case)

            Two is ridiculous; you can say that about anything. Walking down the street? Might be legal, but that’s for the courts to decide! If she’s working in an at-will employment relationship, they can change terms and conditions any time. Period. They can’t break other laws when they do that (such as discrimination, etc.), so MAYBE she can say that the new outfits were discriminatory, but they have that right (again, barring a union agreement or employment contract), and it would be a totally different argument than “the terms and conditions of her employment changed AFTER she started working there. “

            • RandomHookup says:

              I recommend never saying “Period” when it comes to labor law (religion/family status are two factors that can come into play in other cases). My limited knowledge of employment law says that the employer probably is within his/her rights to make that change, but there are many factors involved including state/local laws and court rulings. I don’t ever jump off into absolutes until I know more about the circumstances around the case.

              BTW, my comments about the change in conditions was in reference to the Hooters comments above. She didn’t get hired into the outfits, the outfit came to her.

              • Bladerunner says:

                In an at-will employment relationship, the employer has the right to change conditions of employment, in California and everywhere else I’ve looked ever. Like I said, there are OTHER laws, but simply saying “they changed it to something I don’t like” is in no way a tort. If it’s discriminatory, etc., then as I said, that’s different and a different argument. I’ll say it again: If she’s working in an at-will employment relationship, they can change terms and conditions any time. Period. They can’t break other laws when they do that.

                Now, there are ways to prevent that right of employers: employment contracts and union contracts. She might have that (though I doubt it). Some places may not allow for at-will employment. But you are just wrong to say that the fact that the outfit came to her mattered in the slightest. She might be able to use it to get unemployment, but that’s about it.

                What if she just hated purple, and the new manager switched polo shirts from black to purple? Could she sue for that? That’s no different than this situation, if we ignore any argument that the outfit’s discriminatory.

                • RandomHookup says:

                  Hey, you’re right…“they changed it to something I don’t like” is in no way a tort. If it’s discriminatory, etc.”

                  We basically in agree here, but we’ve gotten off track on semantics.

      • Jawaka says:

        So the manager decided to change the theme of his bar to attract customers. Are you suggesting that he’s not allowed to do this without asking for permission from his employees first?

        • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

          You know, I want a ‘nudist bar’ so the new uniform is no uniform. I’ve also decided that all male patrons can get free lap dances on demand. This bar is gonna explode!

        • RvLeshrac says:

          The manager isn’t allowed to sexually harass his employees or create a hostile work environment for a protected class.

          He wouldn’t be allowed to change the uniform to KKK outfits, either.

      • corridor7f says:

        Uniforms are uniforms. I worked retail in college and we were required to wear a stupid smock with the company’s name on it and dark pants (no jeans). It’s the same concept.

        Things can change.. and I agree he is rather disgusting, but that’s only due to him leering and making comments at the woman in the article while she was in uniform.

  5. cunnij says:

    i object to your objecting to be objectified

  6. Extended-Warranty says:

    If this is sexual harassment, then so is hooters.

    • The_IT_Crone says:

      Which is likely why she works at a normal bar (until now), not at Hooters.

      Also, Hooters’ waitresses don’t have tear-away clothing. Those shorts stay on, and don’t show underwear when they bend over, which is what she was upset about.

    • HFC says:

      This is a completely different situation. This is like you getting a new boss who wants everyone to wear nothing but a g-string at work and then firing you for refusing.

      • Extended-Warranty says:

        Yes, I can understand the semantics here.

        But legally, can you tell me what is wrong here? If other restaurants are allowed to enforce such a policy, then what is legally wrong if this restaurant changes its dress code?

        • RedOryx says:

          It’s not just the dress code. It’s the alleged sexual harrasment that came from the dress code.

      • DemosCat says:

        As long as everyone is required to wear a g-string, then it’s not sexual harassment.

        Unfortunately, the law does not protect you from refusing to follow the dress (undress?) code, not does the law protect against discrimination based on height, weight, eye color, hair color or lack of hair, etc. So if the boss decides to fire everyone who is short and/or bald, there’s not much you can do about it.

        • RandomHookup says:

          I think the “bald” part will be discrimination on the basis of sex (at least as far as a “disparate impact” goes).

          • DemosCat says:

            Not necessarily. Women can and do go bald too, although it’s relatively uncommon. Female pattern baldness tends to be a even distribution, a uniform thinning of hair all over the scalp.

            • RandomHookup says:

              Disparate impact — even if it *can* happen to women, if it adversely hits men almost exclusively, you probably won’t win a lawsuit.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      the uniform may not be sexual harassment but the manager’s alleged comments made when the server tried to demonstrate how the skirt doesn’t work for bending down would fall under harassment.
      it’s more his attitude about the uniforms that will probably work in her favor than the actual uniforms.

      • Bladerunner says:

        Very true.

        A lot of people on this post have been focusing solely on the uniform point, and then arguing that one into the ground (myself included), when the real point here is that there is a pattern of discrimination. Maudlinmango posted at least one of the other examples that’s clearly not kosher.

        However, her suit may end up being meritless, anyway, because: “In January, Scaramella handed in a formal, written complaint to her manager and Bendetti outlining her frustration over the dress code. Immediately after, the requirement to wear skirts was removed.

        Scaramella’s hours were drastically reduced and she was ultimately fired three days later, which she alleges was a direct result of her complaint to the bar’s managers.

        If she only complained about the dress code, and she’s at will, and she was fired for something not illegal, then I’m not sure what case she’s got, even with the other allegations. Now, if that written complaint included the other stuff, and she was essentially fired for complaining about harassment, that’s a whole ‘nother argument.

        • RandomHookup says:

          But mistreating people who complain about practices that you then change does fall under the “dick move” category.

          • Bladerunner says:

            Oh, well, yes.

            Actually, I changed my mind. I disagree…it falls under “super dick move”.

            parum pum pssh. (Sorry, ahd to bring up a stupid semantic thign again just on principle.)

        • RvLeshrac says:

          That’s called “Retaliation,” and is no more legal than sexual harassment.

          • Bladerunner says:

            Retaliation is only not allowed when it’s for harassment complaints and other illegal activities. Retaliation for being a complainer about something that isn’t already illegal is perfectly allowed. Which is why I said, that if her note only contained a complaint about uniforms (which is within the employer’s rights to dictate), and they fired her for complaining, they’re technically in the clear, however, if her complaint included some of the other BS that guy was doing, no they aren’t.

            • Auron says:

              SO i’m guessing then if your boss required you to work 24 hours a day and you got fired for complaining about that, you’d be cool with that? Since it isn’t illegal for your boss to require you to work for 24 hours a day,

              • Bladerunner says:

                There is a difference between being cool with something, and suing for it. You can’t sue someone just for being a douche. Provided a boss complies with wage/hour laws, they are within their rights to require any hours they want. It might make them DOUCHEY, but it’s not a legal tort entitling you to sue them.

                You do understand the difference, yeah?

                And for the record, my boss DOES require me to work 24 hour days.

  7. Fast Eddie Eats Bagels says:

    She just didn’t want to shave her legs.

  8. TrustAvidity says:

    Once again, pics or it didn’t happen.

  9. The_IT_Crone says:

    Wow. I can see the Consumerist Commenters’ Internet Misogyny has not dipped lately.

    If this had been a job she applied for, I’d say yeah, just don’t work there. But because it was a job where 1) the women’s roles changed to a hostile and objectified environment AFTER employment and 2) the males are treated differently than the females, it is indeed unfair.

    Would you tell someone to “shave their legs” or “find another job” if it was a matter of telling all of the men that they suddenly needed to wear thongs to work?

    • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

      Judging by many previous posts, misogyny and xenophobia are alive and well here.

    • Cerne says:

      Yes I would. I’d also have the law ans common sense on my side.

      • Talmonis says:

        Common sense? You mean the common sense that it’s wonderful to be a misogynist prick, because you happened to roll in and take over an established business you didn’t work to create? Man, what a great world ya’ll want to make.

        • Bladerunner says:

          So you don’t think that the people who own the business should make the rules?

          Also, since the person was responding to the comment “Would you tell someone to “shave their legs” or “find another job” if it was a matter of telling all of the men that they suddenly needed to wear thongs to work?” in the affirmative, if the OP’s somehow a gender-hater for that, he or she would be a misandrist then, not a misogynist. Try to use words that you know the meaning of. (And yes, I’m being harsh, but I’m tired of “you’re disagreeing with me, you must be a sexist who hates women!”)

          • Talmonis says:

            No. If he just rolled in and ruined the business environment that he didn’t work to create? No I don’t. I think such people are scum.

            I’m well aware of misandry. He was defending the actions of a misogynist. He himself was NOT being a misogynist. See where I am now?

            • Bladerunner says:

              So, again, you don’t think the business owners should have any say in how the business is run, even if they’re making changes that benefit the business. Gotcha. Because you may feel he’s “ruined the business environment”, but I’m sure he doesn’t think so. What gives you the right to be that arbiter?

              And the OP wasn’t defending a misogynist. He or she was defending the idea of the uniform change, alone. Didn’t say “yeah, and if you don’t like being sexually harassed, then quit!”.

              The OP said that he or she would defend a uniform change as the right of the person who owns the business, even if stupid, regardless of gender. And that’s defending misogyny in your mind. Since that’s not in any way defending misogyny, at all, and since Cerne was explaining that the gender in question doesn’t matter, it’s clearly and obviously not misogyny, nor a defense of misogyny. Hence why I said you should find out what that word actually means before you use it.

              Now, if Cerne said “No I wouldn’t ’cause that’s dudes!!11! But bitches can be made to wear whatever, so the owner’s right”, that would be defending misogyny.

              Even if the owner is being misogynist, defending his right to a uniform change (as opposed to the host of other things he’s apparently done which all point to harassment) is not defending misogyny, any more than defending the Westboro Monsters’ right to free speech is defending their position of hatred.

        • Cerne says:

          What Bladerunner said exactly

    • Bladerunner says:

      I like how it must be misogyny.

      1 is meaningless, sorry. At will means they can change the rules. 2 is mWeaningful, and if there are males and they are treated differently, then there’s a claim there, but for all we know, as a previous poster said, there are no male waitstaff, only barstaff. It’s nowhere near an uncommon occurrence, but we don’t know, and until we do, the only facts we have are:

      They changed the uniform. She didn’t like it and doesn’t want to have to wear the new uniform. She’s suing.

      That is (barring new evidence) ridiculous, and you don’t have to be a misogynist to think so.

  10. thomas_callahan says:

    Weird, mine’s still set to my personal email address…

  11. Shadowfire says:

    Can we forget the uniform change for a minute and focus on the caveman’s comments? That turns this from “wear the uniform or gtfo” to “what a sick bastard.”

    • George4478 says:

      Could be a sick bastard. Could also be a lying bitch. Who knows the truth here?

      Claiming someone said something (coincidentally bolstering your lawsuit) does not mean they actually said it. Has he denied it yet?

  12. Kabusted says:

    Breastraunts (as a term and as an eatery) have been around for years. If Hooters can get their girls to wear skimpy tops and shorts without getting sued, why can’t this establishment do it? Though I’ve never eaten at Hooters, I get it. Cleavage and Cheeks = increased revenue. Twin Peaks makes their money this way, as does Heart Attack Grill.

    Though I don’t approve of the objectification of women in this manner, as I approve of others, her employment is “At Will”. She can quit at any time. Her employer can fire her at any time, and that includes not wearing the uniform.

    If the owner changes the menu, and the waitress refuses to serve the food, what’s the difference? She’s not performing as expected. If she’s Muslim and doesn’t want to serve pork chops, then send her behind the bar and service drinks. The problem is that you can only modify your schedule and departments so much before you have everyone working in the bar.

    That said….

    If it’s this guy, from Hooters, and playing this whole Reindeer games bull crap, then yes, sue them and shut them down. This guy is a douche! http://youtu.be/xIg4j43Lqaw

    • RandomHookup says:

      I’m not sure a Muslim who won’t serve pork is gonna be happy filling alcohol orders either.

    • RedOryx says:

      But a woman who applies to a job at Hooters knows what the “dress code” is before she starts. This is the case of a woman who had been working at a restaurant that changed management and then the new sexy outfit was brought in.

      • Kabusted says:

        So. The establishment is still not owned by the wait staff, and if it was, then this would be a non-issue. It’s owned by someone else, who changed the rules. Follow the rules, or leave.

        I rent. Someone new purchases the property. They raise the rent. I opt not to pay the higher price because I don’t agree. I get kicked out. The rules changed. Adapt or leave.

        • Coleoptera Girl says:

          It sounds like the manager changed the rules… Where’s the owner of this establishment in all of this? Did he approve of the velcro-on skirts? Does he even know the uniform changed?

    • RvLeshrac says:

      I like how you used arguments that are complete bullshit to cover for the fact that you’re defending sexual harassment.

  13. Warren - the Original Chocolate Cake with Eyes! says:

    I can’t accurately comment on this until I actually see you in the outfit.

    And also, show me how easy it is to rip off.

  14. ferozadh says:

    How do you have a story about an outfit without pictures of the outfit?? That’s what I like to know.

  15. Cerne says:

    Businesses have every right to institute a dress code or uniform. This is a baseless lawsuit.

    • Kabusted says:

      Wrong Cerne. it’s not Baseless. Her feeling were hurt. She has the right to sue the pants off, umm, never mind.

  16. maudlinmango says:

    The bending over incident is just one of multiple alleged occurrences, from the original article:”In one such instance, Bendetti allegedly required bartenders to rate the attractiveness of female customers on a scale of one to 10 and then give women who were rated six or higher a free shot of alcohol.”

    Yeah, this workplace doesn’t sound sexually hostile in the least. I can’t imagine a stellar guy like that mistreating his employees. I grant that they have a right to institute a dress code, but they don’t have a right to harass their female employees. It’s up to the courts to decide who’s in the right, but if she’s being honest about her experience I hope she takes this place for all it’s worth.

    • Bladerunner says:

      I didn’t read the original article before; with this kind of alleged pattern, the situation changes. I still maintain all my arguments elsewhere as stated (where I stated I was taking the uniform changes in isolation), however, with this new information I agree with you. Particularly this: ” I grant that they have a right to institute a dress code, but they don’t have a right to harass their female employees.”

  17. thenutman69321 says:

    You don’t like the new outfit then you don’t work there anymore. Case closed. Quit whining and drop your frivolous lawsuit.

    • msbask v2 says:

      The uniform isn’t the real issue. The sexual harrassment is.

      • Talmonis says:

        The defenders don’t care about such things. They only care that the “rights” of the douche are upheld to be a douche to the working class.

  18. Talmonis says:

    Man, it must be great to be a D-bag business owner in this day and age. You have a ready made army of zealots just aching to defend and worship your every whim. There’s something to be said for all those loyal sycophants. I just can’t repeat it here.

    Seriously, your unceasing defense of the D-bags of the business world makes me sick. DIAF

    • msbask v2 says:

      Maybe it’s just defense of the law? It’s not illegal to be a D-bag and ask your waitresses to wear skimpy clothes. It is illegal to sexual harass them.

      You’re not going to get many backers for the “I don’t want to wear a short skirt” part of the claim, but you’ll get plenty who will disagree that the manager should be allowed to harass the waitresses. Two separate issues.

      • Talmonis says:

        You do realize that the entire core of the issue is “That’s right little girl, wear this skimpy outfit I made for you, or starve”. Asshats like this guy thrive in a down economy, because there are so few places to go for those who are fired.

        • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

          Kinda wonder why it has to be Catholic school girl uniform and not something more mature, say, French maid, vamp, etc. ?

        • msbask v2 says:

          Asshats like this guy thrive because of the asshats who go to bars with skimpily dressed waitresses.

          This manager wants more business. He knows to get more business, all he has to do is strip down his waitresses. Who’s he doing it for? You, the patron. You want disgusting humans like this to cease to exist? Then men are going to start having some morals and stop acting like tits and ass are the end-all and be-all of their existence. (In other words: Grow Up).

          Seeing how popular Hooters is though, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

          • DemosCat says:

            And only men need to grow up?

            You’ve clearly never been to a kilt blowing contest, where a woman holding a leaf blower tries to air-lift kilts to the great excitement of the mostly female audience.

            • msbask v2 says:

              Are you actually being serious here?

              You’re comparing the proliferation in this country of strip clubs, Hooters-type restaurants, topless bars, bikini car washes, “gentlemens” clubs (and so on and so on ad nausem) to a local kilt-blowing contest???

              • DemosCat says:

                No, not terribly serious, but I think kilt blowing and Chippendale clubs demonstrate the potential for women to behave as badly as men. And indeed some women do, though obviously numbers are much smaller.

                In my opinion, the more prudish society becomes, where even clinical terms like “vagina” suddenly becomes verboten, the more objectification and exploitation there is of (primarily) women.

                Unfortunately, it seems like our society is moving into a new Victorian age, which will only make matters worse.

          • Talmonis says:

            I don’t frequent such places, as they’re in REALLY poor taste. I (like most men) love an attractive girl, but cheapening them with skimpy outfits makes me think your food is probably terrible. Otherwise, you’d not NEED such a piss-poor gimmick.

        • axhandler1 says:

          You do realize that this man owns a business, yes? And that businesses exist to make a profit. This man has made the business decision that he will bring in more money if he changes the uniform to something more revealing. In this economy, it’s a smart move.

          “Twin Peaks is part of a booming niche in the beleaguered restaurant industry known as “breastaurants,” or sports bars that feature scantily clad waitresses. These small chains operate in the tradition of Hooters, which pioneered the concept in the 1980s but has struggled in recent years to stay fresh.”

          “The nation’s top three “breastaurant” chains behind Hooters each had sales growth of 30 percent or more last year, according to Technomic, a food industry research firm. They still represent less than 1 percent of the nation’s top restaurants, but the upstart chains are benefitting as other mid-priced options like Applebee’s and Bennigan’s have experienced declines during the economic downturn.”


  19. harlansmith says:

    Did anyone actually read the article? It’s positively mindblowing that anyone could possibly defend this. Forget the legal standpoint — doesn’t anyone find it deeply troubling that an employer can change their policy to force their workers to wear short tear-away skirts under penalty of loss of livelihood?

    No one thinks it’s even a little messed up that this woman had to choose between wearing a uniform she found legitimately humiliating and degrading and unemployment in these tumultuous times? Over a change that was made years after she began working there?

    These comments are unbelievable.

  20. AtlantaCPA says:
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