Gay Lowe’s Customer Accuses Employees Of Making Slurs, Threats Of Violence

A man in California says that what should have been the simple exchange of a leaf blower at his local Lowe’s store instead blew up into an incident that involved a Lowe’s staffer allegedly using anti-gay slurs and threatening the customer and his partner with physical violence.

According to the customer, who filed a request for a restraining order against two employees last Friday, he was trying to exchange a leaf blower because its battery wouldn’t hold its charge. That’s when he claims the first Lowe’s staffer replied, “If you’d learn to read the (expletive) directions, you’d see you have to charge it for 12 hours.”

He says he then asked to speak to a manager and was told by the employee, “You watch your (expletive) mouth. I’ll say what the (expletive) I want to say. I’ll beat your (expletive expletive) right here, you little (anti-gay slur).”

The man admits to the Riverside Press-Enterprise that he may not have helped the situation by telling the 7-year Lowe’s employee that “I know see why you’re still a cashier after many years,” which he defends as a statement of the employee’s apparent lack of management skills.

He says the Lowe’s worker eventually had to be restrained from assaulting him, and as he was led away he allegedly told the customer, “I know where you live. I’ve got your address in the computer. I’m going to be at your house. I’m going to get you.”

A rep for Lowe’s tells the Press-Enterprise, “We take this matter very seriously. Customer service is one of our top priorities and we are looking into this situation.”

RIVERSIDE: Anti-gay slur allegations spark request for restraining order []

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