Push Girls On Sundance Channel: Free If You Can Hear, $2.99 Per Episode If You Can’t

Push Girls  is a reality program about four beautiful, fabulous women living in Hollywood who use wheelchairs. When reader Chris, a disability activist, heard about it, he wanted to check it out. For viewers who don’t have cable (or Dish Network subscribers), full episodes of the program are actually available online. As long as you’re able to hear, anyway. If you need (or choose to use) captions, those are only available for $2.99 via iTunes, please.

I learned about a new reality TV show called “Push Girls” from a
fellow accessibility advocate. I was quite excited about the idea and
looked forward to seeing the show once it premiered. I do not have
cable, nor do I know any one who subscribes to The Sundance Channel.
This weekend, I found out that the first four episodes are on
www.sundancechannel.com. But alas I was unable to watch the episodes
because I’m deaf and there were no closed captions with the video.

So, I went on to Twitter and Facebook to spread the word and see if I
could raise some awareness about the lack of captioning.

Well, some one found the facebook page for the Push Girls TV show, and
asked about the closed captioning on their wall. As it turns out they
say they do provide closed captioning… via iTunes. Which happen to
be $2.99 per episode.

Programs aired on TV are still required to be captioned, but streaming video online…not so much.

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