Kashi Heart To Heart Hit By Ever-So-Tiny Shrink Ray

Scott was buying three boxes of Kashi Heart to Heart, because it was on sale and apparently time to stock up. He wouldn’t have noticed the difference if he had only one box, but he realized that the three boxes weren’t the same size.


I picked [up] 3 boxes of Kashi Heart to Heart at my local Hy-vee. Lucky me, it was on-sale. While standing line at the checkout I noticed that the boxes were not the same size. One box was partially crushed. I thought this was probably the culprit. But, when I straightened it out, it was still larger. Upon further inspection I noticed that one box was 12.4 oz and two were 12.0 oz. Curious! I wonder what the shelf tag says. It turns out the damaged box was the only one (of 10) that matched the shelf tag. And the only one I took home.

If the larger box is the one that matched the shelf tag, could it be that the boxes have become bigger? …no, someone probably would have bragged about that somewhere.

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